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Sprinklr Works to Unlock the True Promise of AI with Digital Twins

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Digital Twins aspire to radically increase enterprises’ capacity to get work done and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, announced the launch of Sprinklr Digital Twin. This new AI technology goes far beyond traditional conversational AI chatbots. Sprinklr Digital Twin, powered by Sprinklr AI+, is designed to enable companies to build and deploy autonomous and intelligent AI applications that can mirror and enhance the capabilities of customer-facing teams. A Sprinklr Digital Twin doesn’t just power conversations; it can make decisions, plan actions, design workflows, and execute tasks at scale with speed and efficiency.

Sprinklr Digital Twin technology helps unlock AI’s power, potential, and promise and is designed with privacy and governance in mind. Every enterprise is looking for the power to do more with less, the potential to innovate with generative AI, and ways to deliver on the promise of AI for exceptional customer experiences.

“The ultimate promise of AI for customer experience is unlimited digital capacity across the front office. We believe that Sprinklr Digital Twin technology will help increase an enterprise’s digital capacity to get work done,” said Sprinklr Founder and CEO, Ragy Thomas. “With the Sprinklr Unified-CXM platform, access to the world’s unstructured data that is publicly available, and proprietary AI combined with industry-leading generative AI capabilities, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to help our customers realize the true promise of AI. We want to help every customer unlock the transformative value of speed, innovation, and cost savings with AI.”

Beyond the Bot

Traditionally, companies have relied on various tools to automate their workflows and processes. Examples include chatbots for automating sales and support conversations, marketing automation tools for managing outbound messages and notifications, appointment scheduling tools, task management apps to streamline tasks, and routing engines to direct queries to the appropriate team.

These tools often rely on hardcoded business processes and pre-defined responses, which can limit scope and escalate costs due to increased complexity in maintenance and updates. They tend to be specific to a certain channel or business unit, which can hinder the goal of unifying teams and functions across the organization.

Sprinklr Digital Twins do not rely on hardcoded business processes and are designed to work seamlessly across different channels. They are easier to build and train than a traditional chatbot and can be centrally managed. They combine the ability to learn from data and act while performing tasks and making decisions like a team or employee would. Finally, Sprinklr Digital Twins are trained like humans—with access to defined data and systems, instruction on what processes to use depending on tasks, and guidance on what policies and guardrails to follow.

Sprinklr Digital Twins can complete actions autonomously (i.e., processing customer returns or refunds) when appropriate. But for more complex use cases, Sprinklr Digital Twins can use Sprinklr Unified Routing to collaborate with humans for improved productivity, efficiency, and oversite.

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A New Approach to Conversational AI

Most organizations today take a standalone approach to conversational AI with two options. First, they can create stand-alone bots for each use case or each channel. This approach is difficult to maintain and scale. Second, they can create one central bot. This approach is limited in its use case and value because of governance challenges.

Sprinklr Digital Twin technology faces none of these challenges because it can be deployed at three layers.

  1. The enterprise layer is deployed as the internal and/or external facing AI embodiment of the organization. This is the layer of most common conversational AI use cases today.
  2. The team layer is a Digital Twin representing specific teams and is specialized at performing certain tasks. This shift is happening now for today’s most modern enterprises implementing AI.
  3. The individual layer—We believe that the most advanced enterprises will soon deploy Digital Twin technology at the individual layer. Personal Digital Twins will empower employees by acting on their behalf, attending meetings, communicating internally and externally, and recommending strategies—all with oversight and interaction at the human level.

And with Sprinklr Digital Twins, every layer and Twin will be interconnected as part of the organization. Every layer can access new data or actions from the layers above and below. Layering can also allow for improved governance, with room for policies that require that certain data or actions are only available to certain teams or individuals – in the same way that sensitive information and actions are preserved at the individual and team level for employees.

Sample Use Cases

  • Financial Services – A manager requests a quarterly performance report on customer service interactions related to credit card disputes. The Sprinklr Digital Twin will process the request, applying filters for dispute types and resolutions and generating visualizations of key metrics like resolution time and customer satisfaction. The Digital Twin provides insights, highlighting an area for process improvement, all without manual data manipulation.
  • Travel and Hospitality – In a travel agency, a customer experiences a booking issue with their vacation package. Using real-time data, a Digital Twin immediately updates the customer’s segment from ‘Engaged Travelers’ to ‘Service Recovery,’ pausing marketing promotions to focus on resolving the service issue. Once resolved, the customer receives a tailored offer for their next trip, seamlessly linking service recovery with personalized marketing.
  • Technology – In a tech company offering cloud storage solutions, a customer encounters a data sync issue. The Digital Twin identifies the problem and dynamically shifts the customer from the ‘Active Users’ segment to the ‘Support Engagement’ segment, halting promotional emails. After resolving the issue, the customer returns with a personalized apology and an exclusive discount on an upgraded storage plan, seamlessly merging customer support with targeted marketing.

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Scalability and Implementation

Digital Twins are designed to be trained in a few simple steps with no code or low-code implementation. The Sprinklr Digital Twin includes more than 100 out-of-the-box integrations with enterprise systems. Digital Twins can also ingest API documentation and credentials, allowing them to integrate with new systems autonomously. With the Digital Twin, you can empower every employee with AI—both as consumers and creators.

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