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Descon Engineering Enhances Data Analytics with SAS Technology

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With Descon, a multinational engineering leader, is leveraging SAS Technology to Level Up Data Analytics and Business Decisioning, improving project efficiency, and achieving sustainability goals. SAS provides a customized solution for Descon to analyze vast amounts of data and gain actionable insights.

SAS, the leader in analytics, further fosters its long-standing relationship with the multinational engineering company Descon Engineering Limited. Descon has chosen SAS as its trusted partner to develop an innovative and highly customized solution that enables qualified analysis and decision-making based on reliable data.

Recognized globally for its quality, safety and on-time delivery of projects and products, Descon provides comprehensive solutions ranging from project conception to the establishment of fully operational facilities in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, and power, among others. By worldwide standards and regulatory requirements, the company has implemented sustainability-related frameworks, such as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Lessons Learnt, and Health Safety Environment (HSE). For Descon to evaluate the effectiveness of these frameworks and to continue progress toward its sustainability and operational goals, accurate and transparent reporting was essential.

“Since multiple business management and monitoring activities were mostly carried out using semi-automated spreadsheets that required a significant amount of manual effort, human mistakes, and delayed reporting were unavoidable,” said Tahir Mehmood, Head of Digitalization at Descon. “Through the implementation of SAS Governance and Compliance Manager (GCM), we created a tailored solution that precisely met our unique needs, ensuring interoperability with our proprietary business processes developed over many decades of operation. This allowed us to make qualified analyses and decisions based on reliable data.”

With SAS GCM, Descon has developed a reliable, user-friendly solution that senior executives can trust to shape opinions and decision-making. Instead of worrying about data consolidation, managers and analysts can immediately identify areas for improvement by rapidly analyzing the available data. Having the capacity to track the record’s history has also assisted Descon in better understanding the sequence of events. Ultimately, SAS has enabled Descon to become curiosity-driven, leading to better insights, decisions and growth. In addition, the flexibility of the SAS platform allows Descon to further improve the solution in response to evolving business dynamics.

Salem AbouFakhr. Senior Customer Success Manager at SAS Middle East stated: “As organizations strive to digitally transform with agility and speed while maintaining regulatory compliance, analytically driven decision making is becoming a critical differentiator. SAS brings the best-in-class analytics and AI to nearly every industry, building solutions to fit specific organizational needs, regardless of company size. Due to the innovative nature of this project, the Descon team’s tireless efforts and the assistance of local SAS partner TRA played an instrumental role in this successful outcome”.

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From banking, where decisioning is used to provide more personalized customer experiences or to prevent fraud, to manufacturing, where AI-driven organizations make confident decisions on quality or supply chain optimization, SAS is effectively helping businesses across all industries make transparent and explainable decisions to build trust for the long term and outpace tomorrow.

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