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Teradata and AWS Deepen Partnership for Cloud Migration

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Teradata renews and expands its partnership with AWS to help businesses migrate to the cloud, modernize data analytics, and leverage AI for better insights. This collaboration offers faster cloud access, simplified purchasing, and industry-specific solutions.

Teradata announced that it has renewed and expanded its Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support customers as they migrate to the cloud, accelerate the modernization of their data analytic ecosystems, and maximize the value of artificial intelligence (AI) opportunities.

This deepened collaboration with AWS will also allow customers to unlock additional industry-vertical use cases, leveraging generative AI, as they take advantage of Teradata’s integration with more AWS services and the two companies’ provision of harmonized data, Trusted AI and secure, cloud-native technology.

The collaboration with AWS builds on an existing relationship, including previous integrations with AWS services such as Amazon SageMaker, which helps companies build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows, enabling companies to accelerate AI/ML projects to deliver data-driven insights rapidly.

“As a digital retailer with millions of online customers across the UK and Ireland, we know there’s nothing worse than when a consumer makes a purchase and their desired item is out of stock. Worse yet, they make a purchase only to see the item go on sale days later,” said Peter Murty, Head of Technology – Data Platforms & Governance at The Very Group. “By leveraging Teradata VantageCloud on AWS, we can score complex machine learning functions to predict consumer product demand of 2,000 brands and 160,000 SKUs across every product size and color imaginable. This forecasting solution integrates Amazon SageMaker models with Teradata VantageCloud to leverage the performance of Teradata’s analytics database, ensuring that the right products are in stock and ready to ship when our customers want and need them. We look forward to future integrations to unlock more AI use cases, including around generative AI.”

“We are delighted to be working with Teradata to help our mutual customers meet their evolving analytics needs,” said Chris Grusz, Managing Director, Technology Partnerships at AWS. “Through this collaboration, we can deliver greater flexibility by enabling customers to migrate at their own pace and reduce data preparation for AI initiatives.”

Expected customer benefits of the expanded SCA include:

Fast, flexible cloud access

Teradata and AWS provide complete cloud services and a cloud management portfolio that gives enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud. With minimal risk and no application rewrite needed, migrations are done in weeks, not years. The two companies’ considerable success at simplifying the use of Teradata VantageCloud on AWS motivated renewed and enhanced investments in new offerings. This will continue to empower many users – including data scientists, data analysts, line of business teams, IT, and DevOps – to build new workloads and applications across the broad array of AWS services at enterprise scale in the cloud.

The expanded SCA has already led Teradata and AWS to strengthen product and engineering collaboration to increase system availability and provide a seamless experience for mutual customers.

Accelerated, simplified access to cloud platforms through AWS Marketplace

Teradata is a top-ranked Data and analytics software provider in the AWS Marketplace, and its record of driving AWS consumption motivated both parties to expand the SCA. Under the agreement, Teradata VantageCloud, including both Enterprise and Lake editions and Teradata AI Unlimited, will be offered in the AWS Marketplace. Teradata and AWS will continue to enhance customer experience by allowing customers to consolidate purchasing by subscribing directly through AWS and contributing to the drawdown on their AWS commitments.

Industry cloud solutions delivering meaningful business outcomes

For organizations running on AWS, Teradata and AWS have collaborated successfully to deliver ready-to-use reference architectures and use case-specific recipes that leverage the power and speed of Teradata VantageCloud to drive impactful business outcomes. With Teradata’s proven industry experience and logical data models, customers in key industries, including Financial Services, Retail, Health Care, and Manufacturing, increasingly benefit from accelerated time-to-insight.

Establishing a foundation for generative AI analytics use cases

Teradata and AWS’s product, engineering, and data science teams are leveraging the expanded SCA to develop the Teradata VantageCloud integration with Amazon Bedrock to power customers’ most impactful and enterprise-grade generative AI use cases. With enhanced funding for solution development, proofs of concept, and trial experiences, the new SCA will help ensure that with VantageCloud on AWS, organizations can build a trusted data foundation that secures buy-in from stakeholders and end users. Not only can customers realise value faster from early generative AI initiatives, they can also develop new AI solutions with confidence that they will successfully leap the “POC to production” gap and scale across the enterprise.

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“Recognising the great success we have had facilitating hundreds of cloud migrations and transactions in AWS Marketplace, our expanded SCA with AWS highlights our commitment to being a cloud-first, customer-first company,” said Michael Hutchinson, Chief Customer Officer at Teradata. “This deepened collaboration with AWS supports our customers as they embark on their AI and cloud modernization journeys, providing a tightly integrated, streamlined experience for customers using VantageCloud on AWS.”

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