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Cloud Computing

Telefónica Tech, IBM Promote AI, Analytics, Data Solutions

The collaboration between Telefónica Tech and IBM will focus on a hybrid cloud platform, data governance, and AI use case development.

Quantum Computing: Friend or Foe to Cybersecurity?

Quantum computers pose a threat to current encryption, but also hold the key to future-proofed cybersecurity. Learn the challenges and opportunities this emerging technology brings.

CrowdStrike and Cloudflare Expand Partnership for AI-native SOC Security

CrowdStrike and Cloudflare join forces for simpler, stronger security. Consolidate best-in-breed solutions and leverage AI and Zero Trust to stop breaches.

Sonar and AWS Expand Partnership to Promote Clean Code Practices

SonarCloud integrates with Amazon CodeCatalyst and earns AWS Foundational Technical Review certification.

Cloudflare Acquires BastionZero to Enhance Zero Trust for SASE Network

The acquisition adds secure remote infrastructure access to Cloudflare One, safeguarding customers’ critical systems.

Veeam Launches Secure Cloud Storage with Veeam Data Cloud Vault

Veeam unveils Veeam Data Cloud Vault, a secure cloud storage solution on Microsoft Azure offering immutability, encryption, and predictable pricing for businesses.

Alibaba Cloud Partners with Global Schools to Foster AI Talent

Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Group's digital backbone, has unveiled plans to launch its first cloud region in Mexico and new data centers in Malaysia, the...

Nutanix Simplifies Kubernetes Cluster Management to Boost Innovation

Nutanix Kubernetes Platform enterprise-ready cloud-native stack helps customers run containerized applications across hybrid multi-cloud environments. Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing, announced the Nutanix...

From 0 to 40% Faster: How Porsche Informatik Revved Up Performance with Cloudflare

CASE STUDY: Porsche Informatik relies on Cloudflare to manage brand and dealer network traffic, protect its websites from the internet, and automate cloud migration...

30% of IT Leaders Feel Less in Control – Can New Cloud Solutions Help?

Struggling to manage complex cloud environments? Any-to-any cloud platforms simplify security and connectivity, driving growth and innovation. Leaders struggle to steer their organizations through complexity...

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