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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Unsure if scraping public data for AI training is GDPR-compliant? EU regulators are raising concerns. Learn best practices to minimize data protection risks.

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Sudhakar Ramakrishna on Innovation, Adaptation, and Future Vision

Sudhakar Ramakrishna discusses its strategic objectives, innovative IT solutions, cybersecurity measures, and commitment to customer success.

How Data Drives Eco-Friendly Practices in Travel and Hospitality

Learn how travel and hospitality companies leverage data and AI to achieve sustainability goals, reduce waste, and meet growing customer demand for eco-friendly experiences. Sustainability...

Lower Fees, Higher Scalability: How LAOS Network Disrupts Digital Asset Tokenization

Led by Dr Alun Evans, a gaming and tech visionary, LAOS tackles limitations in digital asset tokenization. This interview explores how LAOS's features, like...

How Lidwave Is Revolutionizing LiDAR with Scalable Single-Chip Technology

Lidwave's innovative LiDAR technology is transforming key industries like transportation and smart cities, paving the way for a more affordable and accessible future for...

Perianne Boring on Empowering Financial Inclusion and Redefining Digital Ownership

Perianne Boring, leader of The Digital Chamber, discusses the organization's mission to empower individuals through blockchain and digital assets. She explores challenges like education...

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Cyber Security

5 SaaS Security Predictions for the Year: Are You Prepared?

A mid-year review of Wing Security's 2024 SaaS security predictions reveals their accuracy! Learn about 5 real-world threats and how to combat them using SSPM solutions.

Quantum Computing: Friend or Foe to Cybersecurity?

Quantum computers pose a threat to current encryption, but also hold the key to future-proofed cybersecurity. Learn the challenges and opportunities this emerging technology brings.

Beyond Compliance: Why Data Protection Needs Strong Cybersecurity

Data privacy regulations are rising globally, but focusing solely on compliance can backfire. Strong cybersecurity practices are crucial to protect data and prevent breaches....

Explained: CACTUS Ransomware

CACTUS ransomware targets businesses via VPN exploits and encrypts data. Learn how it works, what it steals, and how to protect your organization with...