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UK Government Launches £8.5 Million Bid to Combat AI Cyber-Threats

The UK invests £8.5 million to combat AI threats like deepfakes and cyberattacks. Research focuses on "systemic AI safety" to protect society and harness...

NASA, IBM Research to Release New AI Model for Weather, Climate

NASA and IBM combine to create an AI model for sharper weather predictions! The Privthi-weather-climate model uses NASA data to improve regional forecasts and...

Nutanix Simplifies Kubernetes Cluster Management to Boost Innovation

Nutanix Kubernetes Platform enterprise-ready cloud-native stack helps customers run containerized applications across hybrid multi-cloud environments. Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing, announced the Nutanix...

Gipy Malware Steals Passwords Disguised as an AI Application

AI Voice Generator Malware Alert! Cybercriminals are disguising malware as trendy AI tools to steal passwords and data. Learn how to stay safe. Kaspersky has...

Arizona Accuses Amazon of Monopoly, Deceptive ‘Dark Patterns’

The lawsuits echo other complaints against Amazon from the Federal Trade Commission and a series of states. Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes filed two new lawsuits...

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