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Generative AI

Financial Services in 2024: AI Boom or Bust?

Generative AI sparks a wave of innovation in finance, but will it be a game-changer or lead to disaster? Explore the risks and rewards for banks, insurers, and more.

Untapped Potential: Overcoming Generative AI Challenges in 2024

Struggling to unlock the true value of generative AI? You're not alone. Discover the top challenges and how data orchestration can unleash its potential for your business.

Shift Technology’s Generative AI Benefits Global Insurers

Customers achieve 95% document analysis accuracy and over 90% in subrogation liability assessment from Shift Solutions.

Explained: Generative Model

SAS unlocks the power of Generative AI! Learn how Generative Models can revolutionize various industries, from marketing to customer service.

Apple and Meta Discuss Adding Llama GenAI to iOS 18

Apple would allow Meta or any approved AI vendor to sell subscriptions to their AI services through iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. This model could give users more choices while keeping costs down for Apple.

Explained: Ethical AI

Concerned about bias and misinformation in AI? Learn how ethical AI principles ensure responsible development and use of AI technology.

DeepMind’s AI Now Generates Soundtracks and Dialogue for Videos

DeepMind uses video and audio data to generate music, effects and dialogue. While not perfect, it raises concerns about the impact on creative jobs.

Microsoft Updates Controversial AI Recall Feature Over Privacy Concerns

Microsoft scraps default activation of its screen-grabbing AI feature "Recall." Users will now have to opt-in for the controversial memory aid tool.

Can NVIDIA’s AI Chip Reign Continue Amid Rising Challenges?

Leveraging its dominance in graphics processing units, NVIDIA has become the leader in the booming AI chip market.

Apple Ventures Outside the Park for Generative AI

Without its powerful LLMs, Apple tried to make the best of the fait accompli of OpenAI's dominance.

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