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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Medidata Launches AI-driven Clinical Data Studio

Delivers data review and reconciliation activities with embedded AI up to 80% faster, simplifying the data lifecycle by connecting numerous data sources.

DeepMind’s AI Now Generates Soundtracks and Dialogue for Videos

DeepMind uses video and audio data to generate music, effects and dialogue. While not perfect, it raises concerns about the impact on creative jobs.

Telefónica Tech, IBM Promote AI, Analytics, Data Solutions

The collaboration between Telefónica Tech and IBM will focus on a hybrid cloud platform, data governance, and AI use case development.

Web Scraping for AI Training: Can it Comply with GDPR?

Unsure if scraping public data for AI training is GDPR-compliant? EU regulators are raising concerns. Learn best practices to minimize data protection risks.

Informatica Unveils New Products and AI Blueprint for Databricks

Informatica partners with Databricks to boost GenAI with trusted data and new features. Learn more about GenAI solution blueprint and data integration services.

Alation Strengthens Data Trust for AI with Deeper Databricks Partnership

Databricks joins Alation’s Open Data Quality Initiative to enable data scientists, engineers, and AI/ML professionals to deliver AI-ready data.

Databricks Summit 2024: AI Takes Center Stage with Focus on Democratizing Data

Databricks Summit highlights AI innovation, open-sourcing Unity Catalog, and Databricks AI/BI for self-service analytics. Learn more about key announcements!

Qlik Uses Databricks AI to Enhance Data Solutions

Unlocking the power of AI for business! Qlik and Databricks join forces to streamline AI workflows and empower data-driven decision making.

Databricks Launches AI Graphics Competitor to Salesforce, Microsoft

Databricks Inc. is launching a visualization tool to compete with products from Salesforce Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

AlphaSense Reaches $4B Valuation with Tegus Acquisition

AlphaSense has achieved a billion-dollar valuation in a fresh funding round, as it agrees to privately buy business rival Tegus in a $930 million deal.

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