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Sana Releases Its AI Assistant For Free

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The AI search tool, Sana, allows employees to sift through a company’s entire knowledge base, including meetings.

B2B SaaS Sana launched its chatbot Sana AI for free following a year when the product was under development and available on a paid tier.

Sana automates workflow processes throughout the recruitment, training, admin, and content generation. Their new Generative AI-driven ‘AI assistant’ allows employees to sift more easily through their company’s knowledge database, including past meetings, without coding support.

The data retrieval algorithm, R-4, has been in development since 2020. It combines intent analysis, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), and agent actions to perform and execute complex knowledge workflows across meetings, files, and documents. The company claims this algorithm lends the assistant a higher level of ‘understanding’ of recorded verbal content.

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The new application has accrued a long waiting list following a year of strong demand for the assistant’s paid tier, Sana AI Enterprise.

Founded in Stockholm in 2016 and now headquartered in Rotterdam, Principal Engineer Viktor Qvarfordt believes that the future of AI rests on hyper-customization. When creating assistants, Sana AI Enterprise users can choose from a range of language models, including those from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and Mistral.

“Not all language models are created equal—their strengths and weaknesses make them better suited to specific tasks. Sana AI chooses which model to use based on the query while also letting the Enterprise user select a preference, allowing access to the benefit from each specialized model without the cost of switching or adapting.”

Founder and CEO Joel Hellermark commented: “At Sana, we believe that augmenting human intelligence through artificial intelligence is key to advancing the world. Making Sana AI available to anyone from today marks an important milestone towards achieving our long-term vision.”

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