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JobCannon Acquires Adsme to Revolutionize AI-Driven Job Recruitment

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The acquisition will accelerate and enhance job search and matching algorithms, increasing the matching rate between employers and specialists.

Recruitment startup JobCannon officially announces its acquisition of Ukrainian startup Adsme.

JobCannon uses AI to simplify job searches and talent acquisition, connecting job seekers with their dream roles and helping employers find their ideal candidates.

Adsme’s technology allows for real-time forecasting of over 20 million results in visual and textual advertising on Meta Ads (Facebook, Instagram) and provides recommendations for optimizing any of its elements.

Integrating JobCannon and Adsme tools will significantly accelerate and enhance the search and matching algorithms for candidates, increasing the matching rate between employers and specialists. 

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Following the merger, Viktor Levchenko, one of the project’s founders, officially joined JobCannon’s board and assumed the role of CTO. 

With over 14 years of experience in web development, he specializes in studying AI and its potential for optimizing business. As a member of the YEP Incubator ecosystem, he also supports young startups from Ukraine.

Viktor Levchenko, Adsme co-founder shared:

“By merging Adsme’s AI technological advancements with JobCannon, we aim to revolutionise traditional hiring algorithms and refine the overall business model.

Our main goal is to become the primary resource that connects top candidates with the best companies.” 

According to Andriy Cherednichenko, CMO and co-founder of JobCannon:

“The technological synergy between JobCannon and Adsme lays a robust foundation for global transformation of the hiring market. Improving the AI component in JobCannon will enhance the efficiency of our products, making the candidate matching mechanism more precise. 

Additionally, the development of our products is closely linked to the growth of our client base. Each filled vacancy is a success for the candidate, the company, and us. Our job tracking tool will significantly help attract new, highly relevant clients with minimal costs, confirming that JobCannon is a reliable partner in the hiring industry.” 

This deal marks a new stage for both companies, aimed at expanding opportunities in artificial intelligence and recruiting.

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