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Telefónica Tech, IBM Promote AI, Analytics, Data Solutions

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Telefónica Tech and IBM will join forces to bring AI and data solutions to Spanish businesses. The collaboration will focus on a hybrid cloud platform, data governance, and AI use case development.

Telefónica Tech and IBM announced a new collaboration agreement to drive the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and data governance solutions and respond to enterprises’ constant and dynamically evolving needs. The agreement initially limited to Spain, establishes a framework of collaboration between the two companies to help their customers deal with the complexity of managing new technologies in a heterogeneous and changing environment and to extract the full value of these technologies in their business processes.

According to the findings of the IBM Global AI Adoption Index study, almost half of the companies in Spain that are already working with AI claim that they have accelerated their investments in this technology in the last 24 months. This highlights the need to provide the business landscape with tools and solutions that drive their digital transformation journeys, in which AI plays a prominent role.

Through this new collaboration, the companies will work together on the development and deployment of an open, hybrid, and multi-cloud platform, specializing in data management and AI to facilitate and accelerate business initiatives for customers, a use case office, demonstrations, and development of MVPs; and the implementation of resources, training, and certifications. Last year IBM launched the watsonx AI and Data platform, which will be at the heart of the collaboration agreement.

Elena Gil Lizasoain, director of the Artificial Intelligence and Data business unit at Telefónica Tech, said: “This new collaboration with IBM will help drive the many benefits of Artificial Intelligence, traditional and generative, and proper data management in the business world. By combining the knowledge of both teams, we will continue to advance in the construction of use cases aimed at creating more efficient and sustainable businesses.”

Adolfo Hernández Pulido, Technology Managing Director for Telefónica at IBM, added: “This collaboration is another step in our long history of working with Telefónica Tech. Together, we are accelerating the digital transformation of the Spanish business community, enabling the development of innovative technology solutions that will help companies adapt to the AI era. Analytics, data governance, and the correct deployment of AI are key elements for today’s business success, and we both share the commitment to help businesses achieve it”.

Technology and co-creation to provide answers to real business needs

Telefónica Tech and IBM will launch a use case office, made up of highly qualified professionals from both companies, to promote and coordinate the definition and development of use cases, proofs of concept, and MVPs to accelerate business development and further showcase the value available to clients through the use of these technologies.

IBM Client Engineering, the IBM team that helps solve business challenges through co-creation and innovative work with experts, will play an important role in the use case office. So will the Telefónica Tech professionals, who bring extensive technical knowledge and experience in implementing AI in the business sector.

The collaboration is already providing generative AI solutions to its customers, including code generation for IT applications, automation of processes and incidents, cognitive assistants in industrial operations, advice and customer service, analytics, processing, and management of audiovisual content and text documents.

IBM and Telefónica Tech have a strong history of collaboration that includes hybrid cloud-based solutions, such as TROS, Telefónica Tech’s multi-cloud service based on RedHat OpenShift; integrated AI for the creation of virtual assistants to improve customer service, and optimized supply chain management to increase the traceability of business assets with blockchain. This joint effort is the next step in the fruitful relationship in which both companies continue to drive innovation and digital business transformation by implementing cutting-edge technologies.

SHARK.X, the new platform to drive end-to-end AI deployment

SHARK.X, a new and innovative open, hybrid, and multi-cloud platform that hosts different IBM hardware and software components with access to IBM Cloud and other clouds, where the native hyper-converged IBM Storage Fusion HCI infrastructure for running enterprise applications stands out, will be deployed in Telefónica Tech’s La Cabina facility, which is Telefónica’s technological inspiration center for the digital transformation of companies and public administrations.

Telefónica Tech will provide specialized professional services to define the most appropriate deployment architecture for each customer, integrate the solution into their environment, ingest data from different sources, and develop artificial intelligence use cases to address their business priorities. It will also provide advice on data governance artificial intelligence models and regulatory and ethical compliance, which is especially relevant to the new regulations approved by the European Union.

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At the software level, SHARK.X will include several IBM technologies that will cover the entire value chain associated with enterprise data management, analytics, and management of enterprise data. SHARK.X will host IBM Cloud Pak for Data to enable data collection, organization, analysis and governance; it will include the IBM watsonx AI and Data platform to build, deploy and scale AI applications in a simple, secured, and governed way, as well as Cognos and Planning Analytics, which enables collaborative business intelligence, planning and reporting solutions.

With these capabilities, the SHARK:X platform will address both traditional and generative AI initiatives and end-to-end data governance and management while providing Lakehouse with a robust enterprise data management solution, helping to address data security and protection, and delivering business intelligence, planning, optimization, and reporting.

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