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Friday, May 24, 2024

TDengine Adds Wonderware Historian Support

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TDengine bridges the gap to AVEVA Historian! Effortless data migration unlocks AI/ML insights for industry transformation.

TDengine announced the release of a new connector to integrate Wonderware Historian (now known as AVEVA Historian) into its industrial data platform. With the addition of this connector, TDengine now offers a zero-code option for replicating Wonderware data to TDengine out-of-the-box, expanding its efforts to assist industrial enterprises in accelerating digital transformation and modernizing their data infrastructure.

This release is the latest in TDengine’s growing series of industrial connectors, following the OPC and MQTT connectors introduced last October and the PI System connector launched in 2022. These connectors help enterprises replicate valuable operational data from multiple sites into a unified open platform, deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and integrate with cutting-edge products for AI/ML-enabled analytics, business intelligence, and more.

“Wonderware has been a mainstay of industrial data infrastructure for decades, and I’m excited to begin working with users to extend that infrastructure and create new possibilities,” said Jeff Tao, founder and CEO of TDengine. “Our connector unlocks more value from operational data while maintaining the solid foundation of existing systems.”

By deploying TDengine in their data architecture, customers can break down data silos in their organizations and centralize all data into a single source of truth. They also benefit from TDengine’s high-performance time-series database designed for Industrial IoT, enabling low latency queries across larger datasets to meet the needs of the most advanced analytics applications. TDengine’s open ecosystem, built on standard interfaces and open-source software, ensures that customers are never locked into a single vendor and can choose the products and solutions that best fit their business needs.

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