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CodeSignal Develop: AI Learning for Skill Gaps

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CodeSignal Develop tackles widening tech skills gaps with AI-powered learning. The platform empowers organizations to upskill teams, bridge critical skill shortages, and drive innovation cost-effectively.

CodeSignal Develop, an AI-powered and practice-based technical learning platform that delivers real, measurable results, is now generally available to the public.

Skills gaps continue to widen unprecedentedly, with 43% of organizations facing skills gaps and an additional 44% expecting a skills shortage in the next five years. Developers have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to learn new skills, with 76% of developers using AI-powered coding tools. In response, CodeSignal has extended the power of its outcome-driven learning to organizations with CodeSignal Develop. CodeSignal Develop allows organizations to bridge critical skills gaps and build the right skills among their existing teams to innovate faster and improve retention.

Develop builds upon CodeSignal Learn, with added features like user provisioning, admin controls, dashboards, and more. Leaders have access to actionable skills data and analytics reports. The platform allows organizations to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and skills development, enabling their teams to keep pace with technological advancements and drive innovation and success.

“In today’s tech landscape, the ability to adapt and build new skills quickly is imperative,” says Tigran Sloyan, CEO & Co-Founder of CodeSignal. “CodeSignal Develop provides business leaders with the tools they need to effectively upskill and consistently nurture their teams, enabling their businesses to innovate and thrive.”

How to Buy

Organizations interested in CodeSignal Develop can explore plans and solutions at codesignal.com/pricing. Earnings are designed to align with business objectives starting at just $24.29 per user per month when billed annually.

With 85M unfilled jobs expected by 2030 due to a lack of skilled talent, CodeSignal Develop significantly advances how organizations cultivate and upskill talent. CodeSignal Develop allows organizations to unlock the full potential of their teams, fostering a culture of continuous growth and innovation.

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