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SnapLogic and Acolad Revolutionize Generative AI Translation & Integration

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The exclusive partnership between two market leaders forges the path toward unparalleled innovation and customer acceleration.

SnapLogic, the leader in generative integration, announced it had entered a multifaceted partnership with Acolad, the world leader in content and language solutions. Together, they will cooperatively develop and deliver new cutting-edge AI translation services from Acolad, powered by the pioneering generative integration solutions from SnapLogic.

Unveiled at SnapLogic’s annual Integreat event in London, the collaboration between two AI pioneers will go beyond a conventional business alliance to deliver new solutions that benefit both language and integration professionals with accelerated productivity, increase revenue streams and introduce new services to technical and non-technical users.

“We are proud to select SnapLogic as an integration partner, anchoring our mission to present clients with the forefront of connectivity, innovation, and service excellence,” said Frédéric Queudret, Chief AI & Tech Officer of Acolad. “We recognize SnapLogic as a like-minded organization and SnapGPT and its generative AI capabilities as the state-of-the-art technology our customers can truly benefit from.”

New Co-developed Services

Acolad will create pre-built integration connectors for instant document translation, allowing any SnapLogic user to immediately add Acolad’s multi-level AI-powered translation service to new and existing integration pipelines without any coding knowledge.

This innovative solution will employ Acolad’s proprietary two-stage AI process to provide unparalleled language translation and intent accuracy in near real-time. This allows any enterprise to immediately leverage global language translation services, eliminating language barriers with customers, partners, and employees at an unparalleled scale.

Accelerated Translation and Integration Productivity

As part of the partnership, Acolad will leverage SnapLogic’s generative integration interface, SnapGPT, to automate integration processes to create new translation services more quickly, create new revenue streams and service packages, and increase customer satisfaction among Acolad’s growing customer base.

With SnapLogic, Acolad empowers non-technical users to build, manage, and maintain new and existing integrations critical to their work. Not only will Acolad save time and resources by eliminating the need to code integrations which create IT bottlenecks manually, it is also empowering employees in sales, finance, and translation services to use normal language prompts to create secure and compliant business processes from SnapLogic’s SnapGPT interface.

Future Co-innovation Commitment

SnapLogic and Acolad will also explore further co-development and go-to-market opportunities in the coming years as both companies are heavily invested in creating industry-first generative AI solutions.

“There is an incredible opportunity for both companies to build upon our respective deep investments in generative AI, and I’m thrilled with the promise of our partnership with Acolad to open a new world of possibility for our customers,” said Jeremiah Stone, CTO of SnapLogic.

Acolad is part of SnapLogic’s OEM partner network. 

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