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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Orbee Integrates with CallRevu for Enhanced Call Analytics

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Transforming call monitoring into actionable insights for personalized customer experiences in the automotive industry.

Orbee Inc., a leader in customer experience middleware for the automotive industry, has announced an integration with CallRevu, a pioneer in innovative communication solutions tailored for the automotive retail industry. This integration will significantly enhance dealerships’ customer journey analytics and profiling capabilities.

The key to this integration is the capture and analysis of various inbound call events. This includes metrics such as call duration, talk time, associated traffic source, and phone number, and additional data that can be associated with a customer profile. The integration also brings in recording URLs and detailed summaries of calls, including critical outcomes like appointments set. By feeding this data into Orbee’s platform, the integration promises to provide a more nuanced and comprehensive view of the customer journey, enriching the shopper profiles within the dealership’s Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Marketing departments within dealerships are excited for more visibility and connectivity of the shopper journey data within their CDP. “The integration of Orbee and CallRevu is a game-changer for us,” states Kate Howell, Marketing Director of Mullinax Automotive. “Access to such rich call data within our CDP opens new avenues for understanding our customers’ needs and preferences. It’s not just about the volume of data. Still, the depth of insights we can tap into, enabling us to craft more effective and targeted marketing strategies that resonate with our customers.”

Additionally, the integration will allow dealers to segment their customers and prospects based on their interactions over calls. Such segmentation can be strategically utilized in marketing campaigns, enabling more targeted communication and personalized customer experiences. Moreover, this data can provide insights for Business Development Center (BDC) personnel, optimizing their approach based on previous call outcomes.

“It’s very exciting to see CallRevu’s rich data integrated into our event stream, which is used to segment, prioritize, and personalize customer interactions,” stated Atul Patel, co-founder and CEO of Orbee. “The client-side and server-side integration of their call technology will give dealers a new way to understand how voice interactions are related to other signals throughout the customer lifecycle.”

“We’re delighted to integrate with Orbee, a move that marks a key advancement in our pursuit of innovation and excellence,” stated Ben Chodor, CEO of CallRevu. “This integration underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that elevate customer engagement and drive dealership success. The fusion of CallRevu’s analytics with Orbee’s Middleware redefines the standard for integrated, data-centric operations within the auto industry, ensuring our clients gain a formidable edge in today’s competitive landscape.”

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