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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Oracle Launches Cloud-Based Generative AI Service

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Oracle customers can use proprietary data to access the company’s new generative AI service.

Oracle has announced a new generative AI (GenAI) service across its cloud infrastructure. The service combines large language model (LLM) technology from Cohere and Meta, including Meta’s Llama 2. 

Oracle has stated that its GenAI service will support over 100 languages alongside improved GPU cluster management and flexibility in fine-tuning Oracle’s AI, tailoring it to customer needs. 

The GenAI service will address summarization and semantic similarity tasks and generate large portions of text. Oracle also stated that the service will provide data-driven decision-making support. 

Oracle’s customers will also have access to retrieval augmented generation techniques, allowing them to ingest their own data sets and information into Oracle’s AI and allowing for more accurate and niche internal response generation. 

“Oracle’s AI focus is on solving real-world business use cases to enable widespread adoption in the enterprise. To do this, we are embedding AI across all technology stack layers,” said Oracle’s senior VP of AI and data management, Greg Pavlik. 

“Instead of providing a tool kit that requires assembling, we are offering a powerful suite of pre-built generative AI services and features that work together to help customers solve business problems smarter and faster,” Pavlik said.

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