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Kemenkes-Google Cloud Collaborate on AI for Indonesian Healthcare

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Indonesia’s Ministry of Health expands its partnership with Google Cloud to develop healthcare-specific AI solutions. This collaboration focuses on building safe and secure AI tools tailored to address the unique needs of the Indonesian healthcare system.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kementerian Kesehatan) today announced an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud to support the development of healthcare-specific Generative AI (genAI) Innovations. This aligns with the goals set out in the Indonesian government’s blueprint for digital health transformation and the Digital Indonesia Vision 2045 initiative.

Building on the two organizations’ collaboration starting in 2022, Google Cloud has established a safe and secure environment to test its enterprise-grade and medically-tuned gen AI innovations, enabling them to be tailored to address the unique healthcare needs of Indonesians.

Setiaji, Chief of Digital Transformation Office (DTO), Kementerian Kesehatan, said: “At Kementerian Kesehatan, we’re committed to making healthcare information accessible for every individual, simplifying systems for health professionals so they can focus on patient care, and strengthening the healthcare ecosystem through responsible innovation. As we look to advance AI adoption, a balance between innovation and ethical considerations is crucial for success. By adhering to responsible AI principles and practices, we can ensure that we are harnessing the potential of AI while safeguarding societal well-being. We thank Google Cloud for providing a safe testing environment for its healthcare AI innovations.

We look forward to exploring further applications for this technology to empower healthier, more fulfilling lives across Indonesia.”

The latest collaboration is part of Kementerian Kesehatan’s objective to improve healthcare access, experiences, and outcomes for every individual in Indonesia. It complements ongoing efforts with Google Cloud to enhance Indonesia’s healthcare sector processes. 

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“GenAI holds immense potential to transform healthcare, but choosing the right solutions is critical,” said Fanly Tanto, Country Director, Indonesia, Google Cloud. “When Google Cloud brings new AI advances to our products, our commitment is to deliver powerful assistive capabilities and ensure our technologies include proper protections for organizations, their users, and society. Our collaboration with Kementerian Kesehatan is significant as it lays the foundation for the safe and secure growth of gen AI solutions in Indonesia’s healthcare sector, paving the way for on-demand access to health information and more informed diagnosis or treatment plans while maintaining the privacy and security of patient data.” 

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