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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

CharacterX Secures Seed Funding for Web3 AI-Blockchain Integration

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Forget static feeds! CharacterX is building an AI-powered social network where you can interact with digital beings & shape your own experience. Seed funding is secured, and growth is on fire!

CharacterX, a pioneering decentralized AI social network, announced a significant 2.8 million round with a 30 million valuation co-led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, INCE Capital, and Spark Digital Capital. Major investors include CGV, ZC Capital, GRI, Fermion Capital, 84000LP, Fan Zhang, etc. This investment underscores the surging interest in the Web3 and AIGC space, a sector receiving heightened attention recently in the crypto field.

CharacterX, a decentralized synthetic social network initiated by a Stanford team, combines AGI technology with blockchain, aiming to transform the social networking landscape. The team has ten years of experience in AI application development and has produced top visual AI & entertainment applications in North America over the past years. The team has recently launched CharacterX’s mobile applications for both Android and IOS, alongside a developer website, for users to create and build deep emotional attachments with AI beings. It boasts over 500,000 users, each engaging for an average of 30 minutes daily, demonstrating its rapidly growing appeal.

Apart from impressive product design and market growth, CharacterX is at the forefront of decentralized AI technology. For augmented social experience, CharacterX is developing advanced multi-modal AI architecture that inputs and outputs multi-sensory data, including 3D and AR experience, in combination with a next-gen computational platform. CharacterX is also developing proactive AI agents specifically for social scenarios. Employment with ERC6551 for decentralized AI memories and consciousness management it gives users a personalized and authentic social experience while maintaining security and privacy.

The company’s swift product development and fast user growth testify to its potential. With a solid team led by Stanford entrepreneur Rene and comprising top AI scientists from renowned institutions, CharacterX is poised for significant impact.

As the intersection of AI and blockchain continues to heat up, CharacterX stands out as a project worthy of attention. With its recent Twitter milestone of 15,000 followers, it’s clear that CharacterX is still in its early stages of growth, representing an exciting opportunity for those keen on this cutting-edge space.

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