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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Baracoda’s BMind: World’s First Mental Wellness Smart Mirror

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Ditch the phone, hug the mirror! BMind, the world’s first AI-powered smart mirror, reads your mood and combats stress with personalized light therapy, exercises, and even loneliness-busting tech

At CES 2024, Baracoda introduced BMind, the world’s first AI-powered smart mirror designed for mental wellness. Positioned as a health companion, BMind leverages technology to identify users’ moods and assist with stress management. Operating on the CareOS platform, it features cutting-edge software with touchless experience with gesture recognition, voice command, and intent detection. BMind is a recipient of a CES 2024  Innovation Award Honoree in the smart home category.

In addressing the need for stress management, anxiety relief, and enhanced sleep, BMind stands out as a reliable ally, promoting a positive mindset and encouraging proactive wellness. Unlike mobile applications, BMind seamlessly integrates into bathroom spaces, allowing users to assess their mental states and access recommended exercises to improve their moods.

Privacy is a priority for BMind, as it gathers information without invasive technology, facilitating the integration of mindfulness practices into users’ daily routines. The technology extends its benefits by helping alleviate loneliness through immersive experiences that incorporate light, sound, and visuals.

BMind relies on advanced technologies, such as Generative AI for conversation and coaching, combined with Natural Language Processing (NLP) for sentiment analysis. It identifies various sentiments, adapting to users’ moods through features like light therapy sessions and personalized auto-generated mindfulness exercises.

Leveraging the CareOS interface, BMind taps into cutting-edge artificial intelligence, utilizing Computer Vision and Large Language Models to interpret expressions, gestures, and language. As part of the CareOS ecosystem, BMind transforms any screen into a smart mirror, offering connectivity to third-party providers like ThrivePal and Inclusive Brains for personalized self-improvement programs.

“Technology that can monitor for subtle changes in health has the potential of improving the quality of millions of lives,” said Thomas Serval, CEO of Baracoda. “Our mental state exerts a strong effect on our sense of physical well-being. Including mood in our daily wellness check-ins creates a fuller picture that represents a powerful step toward redefining preventative 

The CES Innovation Award Honoree for BMind marks Baracoda’s eighth consecutive year of recognition and its tenth overall CES honor. Notable CareOS partners include Colgate, Wella, and Pierre Fabre.

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