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CDNetworks Enhances WAAP with AI Cloud Security 2.0

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Backed by a Unified Protection Engine, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution leverages AI to offer organizations state-of-the-art adaptive WAAP capabilities.

CDNetworks, the APAC-leading network to deliver edge as a service, announced today that it has upgraded its WAAP Solution with a newly launched Cloud Security 2.0 Platform. This upgrade enhances the platform’s adaptive protection capabilities and usability to meet today’s demanding business requirements for one-stop management while offering protection customized for many business scenarios. This enables organizations to tackle the increasingly severe web security threats with confidence effectively.

Highlights of the New Platform and Enhanced WAAP Capabilities

  • Proactive AI Central Engine

Recognizing the shortcomings of rule-based protection when addressing modern network security needs, CDNetworks’ Cloud Security 2.0 platform uses an AI Central Engine as the core for its new platform architecture. The architecture is built to enhance businesses’ adaptive protection capabilities through pre-attack business analysis, automatic defense during attacks, and continuous countermeasures. This can be organized into three specific aspects.

First, when a business connects to the Cloud Security 2.0 platform, AI automatically analyzes the domain logs to determine whether the business and its default policies are compatible. From this analysis, the platform offers suggested rule settings and exceptions uniquely suited to the organization’s business environment.

Second, the AI Central Engine learns and understands the business operations to create a baseline for AI analysis when planning current and future adaptive defense strategies. This baseline is the cornerstone for AI to analyze appropriate adaptive defense strategies. Using DDoS attacks as an example, when the AI Central Engine detects application-layer DDoS attacks that can threaten website business, AI automatically generates precise protection rules for the attack characteristics and deploys protection strategies to the edge to achieve continuous adaptive defense. If the protection baseline is not triggered, protection detection will not affect normal user access, ensuring a smooth user experience in non-attack scenarios.

Third, utilizing machine learning techniques, AI models are trained and tuned at scale to enhance the detection and response capabilities against hidden and difficult-to-detect threats. With this in mind, CDNetworks’ Bot Intelligent Risk Detection has been designed to identify and remedy malicious bot attacks according to their IP addresses. Bot Intelligent Risk Detection generates dynamic strategies based on ever-changing threat models by continuously analyzing business traffic and supplementing the analysis of complex/human-like/human fraudulent traffic. These strategies combat constantly evolving threats and help organizations elevate their business security posture.

  • Shared-use Threat Intelligent Analysis Model

Two key elements contributing to CDNetworks’ AI Central Engine’s powerful adaptive protection abilities are its threat intelligence library and scenario-based analysis capabilities. For this reason, the CDNetworks platform collects over 3 billion attack samples daily for big data analysis and machine learning. Using these samples, the platform can gather valuable and actionable threat intelligence data that CDNetworks’ customers can utilize. Unlike conventional solutions relying on third-party intelligence, our Cloud Security 2.0 platform offers accurate, timely protection due to its self-sourced intelligence.

The upgraded WAAP solution includes a built-in intelligence scoring mechanism to further enhance scenario-based protection capabilities. By leveraging CDNetworks’ industry and cyberattack experience, the system continuously translates this knowledge into engineering, association analysis, and risk categorization features to enhance protection accuracy and keep defenses up-to-date. This analysis mechanism significantly improves the ability to identify hard-to-detect attacks such as low-frequency L7 DDoS attacks and Advanced Persistence Bots.

  • Unified Protection Engine & Intuitive Console Portal

The newly released CDNetworks Cloud Security 2.0 Platform supports the Unified Protection Engine. This engine provides comprehensive and efficient protection for businesses facing complex attack scenarios by coordinating 5 General Modules (Intelligence, Whitelist, Geo/IP/Region Blocking, Rate Limiting, and Custom Rules) and 4 Scenario-based Protection Modules (DDoS Protection, Bot Management, API Security, and WAF). This double-punch delivers several unrivaled features in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. For example, Organizations can adopt comprehensive protection for their businesses simply by setting a unified policy or reusing settings under appropriate domains.

Furthermore, to provide organizations with clear insights into a business’ security posture in the face of complex attacks, CDNetworks’ Cloud Security 2.0 Platform provides a unified dashboard page that integrates a variety of web-side traffic and logs covering different attack dimensions. This facilitates rapid analysis and response to sudden attacks. Additionally, organizations can leverage standard API interfaces to connect with their existing origin protection system, enabling synchronized data and policy management to work in concert with existing security operations.

“The release of our latest AI-powered Cloud Security 2.0 platform and the subsequent upgrade of our WAAP solution signify an important milestone towards offering businesses a robust and adaptive web application and API protection. Leveraging the power of AI to intelligently analyze domain logs, craft precise defense rules, and boost threat detection capabilities make the new AI Central Engine instrumental in countering constantly evolving cyber threats,” said Doyle Deng, Head of Global Marketing and Product at CDNetworks. “This upgrade embodies our unwavering commitment to proactively protect organizations’ online operations, enabling them to confront the intensifying security threats confidently and efficiently. The launch of our Cloud Security 2.0 platform doesn’t just symbolize the sum of our past efforts in cloud security. Rather, it paves the way for future innovations in protection measures against the most complex attacks. The positive impact of this newly upgraded platform will be felt for many years.”

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