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Aware Brings Secure GenAI to Digital Workplace Conversations

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Embedded Generative AI, powered by targeted language models, delivers a range of solutions for Employee Experience, Business Operations, Compliance and Cybersecurity.

Aware, a leading AI data platform, announced the release of Generative AI Summaries, which provide secure, trustworthy, and traceable insights from unstructured digital workplace conversations. With Aware’s purpose-built platform, companies can unlock the power of Generative AI by delivering actionable and accurate business insights that bridge the gap between analysis and action.

Aware solves the challenges of adopting Generative AI for enterprises

Although 67% of IT leaders look to implement Generative AI in the next 18 months, adoption has been slow and inconsistent. Generative AI solutions, as provided by general-purpose Large Language Models (LLMs), are not built for specific enterprise use cases, and pose several obstacles to broader adoption:

  • Data Security and Privacy — When large language models are used, end users lose control over their data and risk data leakage, thus exposing valuable proprietary information and intellectual property to unprivileged parties.

  • Accurate Business Insights — Since large language models are trained on generic, outdated, publicly available data, insights are less accurate, hallucination-prone, and have poor data traceability. Depending on the use case, a 100B parameter LLM may not perform as well as a targeted, purpose-built model.

  • Cost Efficiency — The process of operationalizing and scaling LLMs is costly. GPUs are required, computing costs are high, and building an AI/ML Platform to support such models requires significant technical skills and costly infrastructure.

Aware’s embedded AI/ML Platform, called AwareIQ, addresses today’s challenges by providing purpose-built generative AI at scale through contextually enriched, real-time, event-driven architecture and proprietary, foundational machine learning (ML) models.

“The future of generative AI in the enterprise sits within targeted experiences that are designed to solve the use cases businesses care about most,” said Matt Pasternack, Chief Product Officer at Aware. “Aware’s generative AI capabilities are embedded and airtight within our secure AI/ML Platform and allow teams to intentionally leverage generative AI, without fear of hallucinations or their data falling into the wrong hands. Enterprise users can now condense weeks of analysis into actionable insights within minutes to solve use cases ranging from the employee experience and business operations to cybersecurity and GRC.”

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