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Certa Launches AI Companion for Faster, Simpler Third-party Interactions

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The first core product offering of Certa AI streamlines operations, enables data-driven decisions, and helps foster stronger supplier relationships.

Certa, the leader in third-party management solutions, today introduced CertaAssist, an intuitive AI companion powered by the advanced Certa AI. This groundbreaking launch merges advanced generative AI technology with third-party management, marking a new era in operational agility by offering AI-powered workflow optimization, intuitive data visualization, and streamlined supplier onboarding.

“Certa is the pioneer of third-party management solutions, striving to be a leader and innovator in the risk and compliance market. By offering AI capabilities within our tool, we provide our clients and their suppliers with cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and security in third-party management,” said Jag Lamba, Certa founder & CEO. “Having just raised our Series B, this innovation marks a significant milestone in our growth trajectory, solidifying our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and delivering even greater value to our stakeholders.”

CertaAssist’s suite of intelligent solutions include:

  • Design AI – Effortlessly translates business requirements into streamlined workflows, just by using plain English. Business users, regardless of their tech-savviness, can now convey their requirements in natural language, and watch as Certa Studio seamlessly translates these into complete steps and streamlined workflows.

  • Insights AI – Harnesses the power of conversational analytics to enable users to dialogue directly with their data and craft visualizations tailored to their needs. This makes data collection and analysis more accessible and efficient, and empowers customers to transform their data into actionable intelligence.

  • Recall AI – Revolutionizes supplier engagements. By leveraging past responses and interactions, it automatically completes supplier questionnaires, guaranteeing rapid and consistent responses. This not only saves time for suppliers but also ensures businesses have consistent and accurate data across all of their relationships.

  • Intake AI – Streamlines and consolidates intake requests across users’ email and chat channels. Instead of learning new user interfaces, customers can simply forward emails, chat conversations, and documents directly to CertaAssist to ingest basic supplier information and automatically kick off intake processes. CertaAssist then intelligently parses, categorizes, and routes the information, offering a frictionless experience.

The initial roll-out of CertaAssist has recorded substantial customer impacts, touting a 30% reduction in implementation time with more than 90% overall accuracy.

Alongside CertaAssist, the company also introduced a suite of rapid-integration modules covering Compliance, Risk & Procurement and ESG. These pre-configured solutions set the stage for businesses to fast-track deployments. Within Studio, clients effortlessly adapt these modules to match their unique requirements, bypassing lengthy setups while retaining full customization capabilities.

Certa AI represents a strategic step into building the Certa Network: a true ecosystem across Certa’s customers, partners, and third-party suppliers that will seed future network effects. The launch of CertaAssist represents a true turning point for the industry. Looking ahead, the future of compliance and procurement holds the promise of guided supplier discovery, frictionless onboarding, and comprehensive data management, and Certa is leading the way.

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