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Celebrating Innovation and Impact: Top 40 Women Leaders in Tech

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Khushbu Raval
Khushbu Raval
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Meet the 40 Women Leading the Charge in Tech! From AI to cybersecurity, these innovators are breaking ground, championing inclusion, and tackling global challenges.

The technology landscape is constantly evolving, shaped by the creativity and ingenuity of its leaders. This year, we celebrate the remarkable women shattering glass ceilings and forging a brighter future in tech. From pioneering advancements in artificial intelligence to revolutionizing cybersecurity protocols, these 40 women represent the forefront of innovation and progress.

Get ready to be inspired by the women who are:

  • Breaking New Ground: Pushing the boundaries of innovation in fields like AI, blockchain, and quantum computing.
  • Championing Inclusion: Building diverse and equitable workplaces, fostering collaboration, and empowering women in tech.
  • Tackling Global Challenges: Developing solutions that address climate change, healthcare disparities, and social justice issues.

This list is a testament to women’s immense talent and leadership potential in technology. Let’s celebrate their success and join them in building a more inclusive and innovative future for all.

Aicha Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Zoox

Aicha Evans, the CEO of Zoox, has a compelling journey from idolizing Marie Curie in Senegal and Paris to becoming a transformative technologist. With over a decade at Intel, she rose to Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, orchestrating the company’s shift to a data-centric focus. Aicha Evans, CEO, ZooxIn 2019, Evans seized the opportunity to lead Zoox, an autonomous vehicle company, becoming its CEO. Within a year, she successfully navigated its $1.2 billion acquisition by Amazon while retaining her leadership role. Known for her strategic prowess, Evans drives Zoox’s mission to revolutionize transportation through autonomous, zero-emission vehicles, prioritizing safety and customer experience. A SAP Supervisory Board member, Evans holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from George Washington University.

Alegra Kilstein, Global Chief Information Officer, Amdocs

Alegra Kilstein stands as the Global Chief Information Officer at Amdocs, steering the company’s information technology landscape since 2019. With an extensive 17-year journey in the IT industry, Alegra’s tenure at Amdocs spans over a decade, marked by a series of pivotal roles that contributed significantly to the company’s growth. Alegra Kilstein,Global CIO, AmdocsIn her current capacity, Alegra oversees the comprehensive management of information technology and infrastructure, ensuring data protection across the organization. Leading a global team of over 1,000 developers and engineers, her guidance shapes Amdocs’ technological landscape.

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Alegra is dedicated to fostering diversity within the company, extending this commitment through collaborative projects with diverse communities in Israel. These initiatives include partnerships with various groups, such as the ultra-Orthodox population, Druze women, and sites in Nazareth, emphasizing the broader impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Alegra’s journey in the IT sector extends beyond Amdocs, encompassing roles like CIO and Head of IT at Teledata Networks/ADC. Her multifaceted experience and leadership have significantly influenced Amdocs’ technological evolution and its commitment to diversity and community engagement.

Amy Jean Doherty, Chief Information Officer, The World Bank

Amy Jean Doherty is a highly accomplished leader who is celebrated for her transformative impact on business. She has tackled and overcome complex challenges throughout her career, specializing in operationalizing resources, staff, and strategies to drive cultural, business, and technology transformations. She aligns technology with business objectives and positions IT as a strategic partner. Recognized with Capital CIO of the Year awards, she has earned accolades for her technology leadership and innovation excellence. Amy Jean Doherty, Chief Information Officer, The World BankAs a US national, she was Chief Operating Officer at First Command Financial Services, leading agile transformations and technology modernization. Her role as Chief Information Officer at AARP involved transitioning to agile methodologies and cloud services. With earlier key positions at Freddie Mac and others, She is a Sequoyah Fellow for the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, advocating passionately for women in technology leadership. Her leadership style defines her commitment to diversity, inclusion, and continuous learning.

Anna Chung, Principal Researcher, Palo Alto Networks

During her university days, Anna Chung pursued studies in International Affairs, focusing on International Political Economics and a minor in Business and Chinese Literature. Her academic journey sparked a keen interest in international cooperation, leading her to discover the dynamic realm of cybersecurity. Anna Chung, Principal Researcher, Palo Alto NetworksIn 2010, Chung embarked on her cybersecurity career as a translator at iSIGHT FireEye, later transitioning to Uber as a Technical Investigator and eventually spearheading the Global Fraud Intelligence Program. Later, she joined Palo Alto Networks as Principal ResearcherPrincipal Researcher. She derives fulfillment from empowering organizations with threat-informed defense strategies, combatting cyber threats across borders.

Anu Bharadwaj, President, Atlassian

Anu Bharadwaj, President of Atlassian, boasts an extraordinary career that began at Microsoft, where she spent over a decade launching products for Microsoft Visual Studio. Joining Atlassian in 2014, she initially served as the Head of Product for Jira and has since held various key roles, including Chief Operating Officer.
Anu Bharadwaj, President, Atlassian
Recognized as the highest-ranking woman at Atlassian, Bharadwaj is celebrated for her executive prowess, leading $500M+ businesses, fostering exceptional teams, and delivering blockbuster products. With nearly two decades of experience, she has honed expertise in product development, operations, strategy, corporate development, and engineering. An advocate for diversity, Bharadwaj actively promotes transformative shifts, particularly uplifting women and championing diverse teams. Beyond her role at Atlassian, she directs the Atlassian Foundation, contributes to philanthropy, serves on the board of Outsystems, advises emerging companies, and participates in the Operator Collective venture fund supporting diverse founders.

Bridget Engle, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, BNY Mellon

Bridget E. Engle serves as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at BNY Mellon, holding a pivotal role within the company’s Executive Committee. Her leadership drives the technology organization, delivering crucial platforms and applications that support BNY Mellon’s operations, clients, and vast employee base of 52,000 individuals. Bridget Engle, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, BNY MellonWith a robust background in technology leadership, she brings a wealth of experience from prominent institutions like Bank of America, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), Lehman Brothers, and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Her career highlights managing expansive, global, and diverse technology entities, where she executed transformative initiatives, modernizing complex platforms to enhance application stability, resilience, and cybersecurity across the board.

Firmly believing in the power of talented individuals collaborating within diverse teams, Bridget champions innovation through creative thinking and unwavering dedication, fostering an environment that delivers tangible and impactful results. As a pivotal figure at BNY Mellon, her leadership exemplifies a commitment to technological advancement, resilience, and fostering an inclusive and innovative culture within the organization.

Caitlin Halferty, Global Chief Data Officer, Ericsson

Caitlin Halferty, the Global Chief Data Officer at Ericsson, brings extensive expertise in data leadership. She leads Ericsson’s Global Chief Data Office and is passionate about cultivating practices, communities, and high-performing teams.

Formerly, Halferty was a founding member of IBM’s inaugural Global Chief Data Office. At IBM, she spearheaded the launch of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Accelerator practice, collaborating with diverse industry clients worldwide, accelerating their data and AI transformations, and expanding the portfolio to 25 AI products, generating $200M in revenue. She established a global consortium, uniting 1,300+ data and AI practitioners.

Caitlin Halferty, Global Chief Data Officer, EricssonWith a statistics and data science background, Halferty previously conducted primary research on emerging business and technology trends for innovative leaders. She’s authored thought leadership pieces on Re-framing the Sourcing Market, African IT leaders, and Chief Data Officers. Her consultancy spanned continents, overseeing global IT and business teams delivering transformative organizational changes, infrastructure systems, and enterprise-wide technology platforms.

An esteemed guest lecturer at Stanford University’s Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness and a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences like Data & AI Summits and Chief Data Officer Summits, Halferty is a pivotal figure in the Chief Data Officer Advisory Board at Tech Mahindra.

Casey Santos, Chief Information Officer, Asurion

Casey Santos, a distinguished Senior Executive, Chief Information Officer, and Independent Board Director, excels in delivering business success through strategic technology initiatives. Across diverse industries, she consistently achieves growth and operational excellence via innovative technology and process improvements. Casey Santos, Chief Information Officer, AsurionCurrently serving as the Chief Information Officer at Asurion, Santos brings expertise in strategy, technology, cybersecurity, finance, mergers, acquisitions, and risk management. Her forward-looking approach involves creating digital solutions that anticipate future business needs.

Balancing innovation with a focus on risk and compliance, she spearheads global initiatives, fostering diverse talent pools and promoting inclusivity. Santos drives transformative change by adopting cutting-edge technologies to bridge business and technology realms. Her involvement with startups like Zoom and Box reflects a commitment to catalyzing growth and efficiency. With degrees from MIT and the Wharton School, Santos is recognized for non-profit contributions, particularly in promoting technology education in underrepresented communities. She earned accolades from HITEC and Constellation Research for her impactful leadership in technology.

Clara Shih, Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce AI

Clara Shih, the CEO of Salesforce AI and the founder of Hearsay Systems is a prominent figure in the tech world, donning various hats as an entrepreneur, investor, author, and dedicated family member, notably serving as a kindergarten room mom.

Leading the artificial intelligence initiatives at Salesforce, Shih orchestrates comprehensive efforts encompassing AI copilot agent platforms, model development, go-to-market strategies, and ecosystem partnerships. She focuses on integrating Einstein AI into Salesforce products, ensuring they seamlessly incorporate trusted data and workflows for enhanced user experiences. Clara Shih, Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce AI

During her tenure at Hearsay Systems, Shih steered the company’s inception and growth, showcasing her prowess in building an enterprise from scratch. Her shift from CEO to a board role in 2020 underscores her commitment to family amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. Shih’s vision for responsible AI involves prioritizing ethical and secure solutions at Salesforce, leveraging the company’s substantial expertise in data security. She strategically aligns AI solutions to deliver tangible business value, addressing operational bottlenecks, enhancing efficiency, and elevating quality across diverse business functions. Beyond immediate business impact, Shih’s focus extends to fostering long-term transformations, piloting innovative AI applications that empower employees and drive substantial shifts in customer service, sales, and enterprise search paradigms. Her commitment to innovation and ethical AI solidifies her role as a pioneering leader shaping the future of AI at Salesforce.

Cynthia (Cindy) Stoddard, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Adobe

As the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Adobe, Cynthia Stoddard directs global Information Technology and Cloud Operations. With over 25 years of experience in supply chain, retail, and technology, Stoddard is recognized for her leadership in designing and implementing mission-critical IT strategies for global enterprises.
Cynthia (Cindy) Stoddard Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer Adobe
At Adobe, she leads the delivery of always-on systems, resilient operations, productive employee experiences, and real-time data services for personalized customer interactions. Stoddard previously served as CIO and Senior Vice President at NetApp, expanding her focus on innovation and customer-facing programs. She earned accolades, including the CIO 100 Award, Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders Award, and recognition as one of Huffington Post’s Top 100 Most Social CIOs. Holding a Bachelor of Science in accounting and an MBA, Stoddard’s hands-on executive approach reflects a deep foundation in technology and corporate IT restructuring.

Denise Russell Fleming, CIO and EVP, Technology and Global Services, BD

Denise Russell Fleming is the Chief Information Officer & EVP of Technology and Global Services at Becton Dickinson. She is renowned for her transformative leadership in business and technology transformation across global markets. With an extensive career spanning over 25 years, Fleming has been a change agent, steering strategic cross-company initiatives in information technology, cybersecurity, analytics, and digital transformation. Denise Russell Fleming CIO & EVP, Technology and Global Services, BDHer multifaceted expertise includes managing a $6 billion P&L, blending technology, operational, engineering, and marketing proficiencies. Under her guidance, teams have successfully deployed technology-driven solutions, impacting revenue, margins, market share, and corporate value. Denise’s commitment to fostering diverse talent has translated into substantial board experience, including serving as a board chair.

Recognized for her strategic acumen and successful digital transformations, Fleming’s career highlights include leadership roles at Boeing Defense, Space and Security, BAE Systems, Inc., and Sprint Nextel Corporation. Her appointment to Parker Hannifin Corporation’s Board of Directors underscores her invaluable expertise in guiding premier global companies toward financial, operational, and governance excellence.

Dr. Fei-Fei Li Sequoia, Capital Professor, Co-Director Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI

Dr. Fei-Fei Li holds the esteemed position of Sequoia Capital Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. Additionally, she serves as the Co-Director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), contributing significantly to the institute’s focus on interdisciplinary research and development in AI while considering its societal implications. Dr. Fei-Fei Li Sequoia Capital Professor, Co-Director Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AIDr. Li is undeniably a powerhouse in AI and computer science. Her career trajectory from academia to influential roles in the industry has been quite impressive. Her contributions, particularly in deep learning computer vision and her foundational work with ImageNet, have significantly shaped the landscape of artificial intelligence.

Beyond her technical achievements, Dr. Li’s dedication to advocating for diversity in STEM and AI education is remarkable. Her efforts with AI4ALL and involvement in various national and international initiatives underscore her commitment to ensuring responsible and inclusive technological development.

Her numerous awards and recognitions, including membership in prestigious academies like the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Medicine, speak volumes about the impact of her work and her standing in the scientific community.
Fei-Fei Li’s multifaceted contributions across research, education, advocacy, and industry make her an influential figure shaping the future of AI and technology.

Elaine Montilla, Chief Technology Officer, Pearson

Elaine Montilla is an accomplished and dynamic Chief Technology Officer at Pearson‘s US School Assessment division, driving digital innovation and spearheading product development strategies for diverse clients. With a remarkable 20+ year career, including serving as a former CIO, TEDx speaker, Forbes Technology Council member, and founder of 5xminority, Inc., Montilla’s mission extends beyond professional success.
Elaine Montilla, Chief Technology Officer, Pearson
Originating from the Dominican Republic, she is a trailblazing Latina leader who breaks stereotypes in the male-dominated tech industry. Montilla fervently advocates diversity, dedicating herself to empowering women and underrepresented minorities in tech. Her commitment to inclusive leadership, operational excellence, and staff development is complemented by her exceptional communication skills with diverse audiences. Recognized with accolades such as Top 100 Outstanding LGBTQ+ Executive Role Model, Top 100 Women in Tech, and HITEC 100 Hispanic Technology Leaders, Montilla’s impactful contributions to the field are undeniable.

Elizabeth Stone, Chief Technology Officer, Netflix

Elizabeth Stone, the Chief Technology Officer at Netflix since October 2023, initially joined the company in 2020 as the Vice President of Product Data Science & Engineering. With an extensive background spanning finance and technology, Stone transitioned from roles as a trader at Merrill Lynch and an economist at Analysis Group to leadership positions in the tech industry.

Elizabeth Stone, Chief Technology Officer, NetflixBefore her tenure at Netflix, Stone served as Chief Operating Officer at Nuna and as Vice President of Science at Lyft, where she honed her expertise in leveraging data and insights to enhance user experiences. Her academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science from MIT and a PhD from Stanford University.

At Netflix, Stone’s leadership in the Data and Insights division has been pivotal in advancing research, analytics, and data science to elevate the subscriber experience. Acknowledging the significance of technology in Netflix’s success, Stone expressed her privilege in collaborating with exceptional teams and her dedication to innovating for the benefit of both members and the company’s future.

Fern Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, PepsiCo

Fern Johnson, serving as PepsiCo‘s Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Infrastructure and Operations, embodies an IT executive leader renowned for global transformation, strategic IT planning, and fostering vendor relations. With a distinguished career blending business, change management, operations, and technology expertise, she has steered the development and execution of innovative technology solutions aligned with overarching growth objectives encompassing revenue, profit, and competitive advantage. Fern Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, PepsiCoJohnson champions collaborative and inclusive work environments, crafting programs and strategies harmonizing stakeholders’ objectives. Her approach is marked by analytical prowess, decisiveness, and unwavering integrity, allowing her to swiftly identify issues, articulate a vision, and instigate transformative change. Leveraging a direct communication style, she influences perspectives, cultivates consensus, and adeptly guides projects from conception to fruition, thriving amidst challenges within fast-paced business landscapes. As a vocal advocate for STEM, she passionately drives initiatives to foster technological advancements and inclusivity within the industry.

Fidelma Russo, Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Fidelma Russo serves as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise‘s Hybrid Cloud unit, concurrently holding the role of Chief Technology Officer. Leading a global team of 5,500+ employees, she spearheads HPE’s strategic vision, steering the development and execution of HPE’s GreenLake platform, storage solutions, private cloud, and SaaS offerings. Additionally, she fosters innovation through the Office of the CTO, shaping an innovation pipeline.

Fidelma Russo, Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett Packard EnterpriseJoining HPE in 2021 as the CTO, Russo crafted and delivered the foundational GreenLake platform, central to HPE’s edge-to-cloud solutions. With over three decades of technology leadership, her expertise spans machine learning, analytics, IT business services, cloud solutions, servers, storage, networking, backup, and infrastructure.

Previously, Russo held significant leadership roles at VMware, Iron Mountain, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, and Sun Microsystems. She is recognized in CRN’s Top 100 Executive awards and Top 25 IT Innovators of 2023 and serves on Equinix’s Board of Directors. Russo earned a Bachelor of Engineering in electrical engineering from University College Cork, a master’s in computer science from Boston University, and completed the Internet of Things Executive Education program at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Fiona Tan, Chief Technology Officer, Wayfair

As Wayfair‘s Chief Technology Officer, Fiona Tan leads a global innovation team that develops market-leading experiences through the E-commerce platform. Formerly the Senior Vice President of U.S. Technology at Walmart, she played a pivotal role in innovation and engineering execution across the company’s site, mobile app and technology for associates and merchants in the U.S. Tan’s Walmart journey included roles as Senior Vice President of Customer Technology and Vice President of Engineering.
Fiona Tan Chief Technology Officer Wayfair
Before Walmart, she held leadership positions at Ariba, directed a global engineering organization responsible for the Ariba Commerce Network, and at TIBCO Software. Holding a master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, Tan brings a wealth of expertise to drive technological advancements.

Gülay Stelzmüllner, Chief Technology Officer, Allianz Technology

Gülay Stelzmüllner is the Chief Technology Officer at Allianz Technology, overseeing technology operations and strategy across multiple regions. With over 20 years in IT management, she’s adept at leading global projects, streamlining operations, and fostering innovation.

Her expertise spans IT service management, AI-driven operations, and fostering cultural diversity within tech communities. As the CIO at Allianz Technology, Stelzmüllner manages the internal IT landscape and service delivery for the entire Allianz Group, leveraging ITSM processes for efficiency. Gülay Stelzmüllner, Chief Technology Officer, Allianz TechnologyBeginning her IT journey with studies in computer science, Gülay spent 16 years at Siemens, excelling in standardizing and cloudifying corporate IT services. Joining Allianz in 2020, she advocates for sustainability in IT, aligning services with Allianz’s goals for a sustainable future through digitalization and technology.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Stelzmüllner actively supports initiatives like the Hacker School and Women in Tech, promoting education and gender equality. Committed to driving innovation and transformation, she balances her roles as a devoted mother and a champion of diversity in technology.

Hanna Hennig, Chief Information Officer, Siemens

Hanna Hennig is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Siemens AG. She is taking charge of Siemens’ global IT and driving the company’s digital transformation. Her transition came from her prior role as CIO at Osram Licht AG in Munich. Her role at Siemens focuses on fortifying the implementation of Vision 2020+, emphasizing innovative, secure software platforms while closely overseeing the spin-off of Siemens Energy, ensuring its independence and functionality. Hanna Hennig CIO SiemensHennig’s extensive experience in diverse industries, spanning business transformation, IT technologies, and managing partnerships and suppliers, positioned her as an ideal leader for Siemens’ digitalization journey. With a background in economics from the University of Hanover and 25 years in IT, Hennig supported digitization endeavors for companies like Telefonica O2, E.ON, and Osram.

Ines Ashton, Director of Advanced Analytics, Mars

Ines Ashton stands as a pioneering force in the world of data analytics, and her remarkable journey as the Director of Advanced Analytics at Mars Petcare is a testament to her exceptional contributions to the field. Ashton joined Mars Petcare over a decade ago as a data analyst. Her early contributions did not go unnoticed.
Ines Ashton, Director of Advanced Analytics, Mars
In recognition of her visionary leadership, groundbreaking contributions, and role as a trailblazer for women in data analytics, Ines Ashton truly deserves the “Women to Watch” recognition. She leads the way for many and is a selfless individual who gives back to her community. Her impact on the industry and her ability to inspire the next generation of data professionals is why she is recognized today.
Isabel Gomez Garcia de Soria, Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer, L’Oréal
Isabel Gomez Garcia de Soria serves as the Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer at L’Oréal, leading initiatives to elevate data standards and foster widespread data utilization across the company. Her journey into this role began with an engineering degree in Telecommunications from Telecom Bretagne in 1996, followed by an Executive Master’s in Business Consulting from ESCP Europe in 2006.

Isabel Gomez Garcia de Soria Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer L’OréalHer career trajectory commenced at Accenture in 1997, where she worked as a technology consultant. Transitioning to Air France-KLM in 2007, she held pivotal roles, driving significant projects like the Crew Digitalization initiative and leading the Operations Research department.

She joined L’Oréal in 2019 as Head of Information Technology Digital before assuming her current role in September 2020. As the Group’s Chief Data and analytics Officer, she spearheads efforts to optimize data quality and accessibility throughout L’Oréal. Her expertise in technology consulting and her strategic leadership continue to drive L’Oréal’s data and analytics initiatives forward. Her dedication to advancing data standards and democratizing data utilization underscores her commitment to driving innovation within the company.

Jacqueline Koven, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, Chainalysis

Jacqueline Burns Koven is the Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Chainalysis, where she leads the team tracking cybercriminals and nation-state actors stealing, scamming, and extorting cryptocurrency. Koven coordinates global ransomware research, partnerships, and joint initiatives with task forces. Jacqueline Koven, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, ChainalysisBefore joining Chainalysis, she served in the U.S. Intelligence Community, including in Iraq, and was selected for several interagency assignments. Select awards include the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Professional Award, the Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War Against Terrorism, and the Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award. Koven holds a Master’s in Public Administration specializing in Security Policy from Columbia University, where she was also a Research Fellow for Technology and Public Policy.

Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek, Founder and President, Women In Voice; CEO and Founder, Clarity AI

Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek is based in Seattle and is the Founder and CEO of Women in Voice. She is also a Technical Advisor to several companies and startups. She has previously been a Senior Conversational Experience Designer at Nuance and a Principal User Experience Researcher at the University of Arizona. She is an Alexa Champion, #4 Voice Influencer in the world in 2020 by Voicebot.ai, WeWork Labs Entrepreneur in Residence 2020, “Executive of the Year” Finalist in 2019, and Finalist for “The Project Voice Medal for Diversity and Inclusion” and “Voice AI Pioneer of the Year” 2020. Dr Joan Palmiter Bajorek, Founder and President, Women In Voice; CEO and Founder, Clarity AIHer PhD research has been published by Harvard Business Review, Cambridge University Press, SoundHound, Adobe XD, and UXmatters, exploring the future of voice products, bias in AI, platform disruption, and multimodal and multilingual interfaces of the future. She holds a PhD in speech-language technology from the University of Arizona (2019) and an MA in linguistics from the University of California, Davis (2016).

Karuna Annavajjala, Chief Information Officer, Silicon Labs

Karuna Annavajjala, currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Silicon Labs, oversees global IT services, steering strategic planning, infrastructure, business applications, cybersecurity, data privacy, and service delivery. Her leadership propels the company toward a more connected, energy-efficient future.

Previously, as AIG’s CIO of Corporate Functions, she shaped IT strategies across diverse global operations, including digital marketing, legal, compliance, HR, and business services. At TIAA, she directed IT transformation strategies, managed global tech teams, and established offshore capabilities. Karuna Annavajjala, Chief Information Officer, Silicon LabsHer academic arsenal includes an MBA from the University of Michigan, a master’s in computer science from West Virginia University, and a bachelor’s in engineering from Osmania University. She further honed her expertise with an executive leadership certificate from Cornell University’s S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Beyond her professional realm, Annavajjala champions STEM education for girls and advocates for women in tech. She engages in various nonprofit causes and serves on the Thinkery board of directors. With over 20 years’ of experience, she excels in product/software development, strategic planning, IT management, and process enhancement. Her specialties span product management, technology-driven transformation, and global talent management and partnerships.

Kimberly Anstett, Global Chief Information Officer, Trellix

As the Global Chief Information Officer at Trellix, Kimberly Anstett oversees the Enterprise Technology and Operations organization, steering its technological advancements. With over 25 years of industry expertise, Anstett drives innovation by leveraging her extensive background in guiding teams.

Previously, she was Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Iron Mountain, leading product development and innovation initiatives. Before that, as the Chief Information Officer at Nielsen, Anstett focused on enhancing customer value and fortifying cybersecurity outcomes. Kimberly Anstett, Global Chief Information Officer, TrellixHer career showcases a proficiency in developing and deploying global products, enterprise platforms, data analytics, digital transformation, and cybersecurity. Anstett is renowned as an agent of change, fostering high-caliber, successful teams prioritizing quality, cost-effectiveness, and innovative business solutions across diverse markets.

Anstett holds a B.S. from Tufts University and actively contributes to the tech community, serving on the Board of Directors for Quotient Technology. She is fervent about nurturing diverse technology talent and engaging in professional and community endeavors.

Lakecia Gunter, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

Lakecia Gunter, the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, is a luminary in the tech industry with two decades of experience, excelling in New Business Strategy, Growth and Technical Innovation, Global Partner Sales, and Artificial Intelligence. Her journey commenced at 12 when her mother’s remarkable gift of a Commodore 64 set her on a path of computer programming, shaping her future.

Lakecia Gunter, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

Gunter’s career spans roles in the U.S. Federal Government and global Fortune 50 companies. Her trajectory includes stints as a digital logic designer, a program manager at the Department of Defense, and chief of staff to the CEO of Intel before assuming her current role as the CTO for Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft.

Recognized nationally as an award-winning engineer and speaker, she’s #11 on Business Insider’s Top 26 Most Powerful Engineers. Renowned for her collaborative leadership style, Gunter forges relationships, devises actionable business strategies, anticipates market trends, and drives revenue growth.

Lidia Fonseca, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Pfizer

Lidia Fonseca is a seasoned healthcare executive with over 20 years of industry experience and currently leads Pfizer‘s digital, data, and technology initiatives. In her role, she oversees the digitization of drug discovery, clinical development, manufacturing, distribution, and commercial operations. Under her leadership, Pfizer has achieved significant automation, with over 90% of transactional processes automated across the company. Lidia Fonseca, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, PfizerFonseca is at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and advanced analytics to enhance operational efficiency and enable better decision-making. She has spearheaded the introduction of AI-powered predictive algorithms for disease suspicion, treatment optimization, and adherence. Fonseca is also committed to improving patient outcomes through innovative digital health solutions, including the launch of Pfizer’s Digital Companion™.

Recognized for her leadership, Fonseca has received numerous awards and accolades, including being named on the Forbes CEO Next List and Forbes CIO Next List. She serves on the Board of Directors of Medtronic and the U.S.-Japan Business Council. Fonseca’s contributions extend beyond Pfizer, as she previously held board positions at Tegna, Inc., Gannett, Inc., and Q2 Solutions.

Lori Beer, Global Chief Information Officer, JPMorgan Chase

Lori Beer is the Global Chief Information Officer (CIO) at JPMorgan Chase & Co., a key figure on the Operating Committee. Leading a $15 billion budget and over 57,000 technologists, she oversees the firm’s technology systems and infrastructure globally, supporting various business segments. Lori Beer, Global Chief Information Officer, JPMorgan ChaseBeer joined JPMorgan Chase in 2014 and previously served as the Chief Information Officer for the Corporate & Investment Bank. A recognized leader, she has been featured on the Forbes CIO Next list and acknowledged for her influence in US finance and banking. Beer actively contributes to educational initiatives, serving on advisory boards for Teach for America New York, the University of Cincinnati’s Lindner College of Business, and the University of Cincinnati Foundation. With numerous accolades, Beer holds a Doctor of Commercial Science, honoris causa, from the University of Cincinnati and an honorary doctorate of science from the University of Dayton, where she also endowed scholarships to promote diversity in STEM careers. Lori Beer holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Dayton.

Michelle D Greene, Chief Information Officer, Cardinal Health

Michelle D. Greene serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Cardinal Health and is instrumental in merging technology into strategic initiatives to heighten business outcomes and enhance customer experiences. With over 20 years of global technology leadership, she embodies a strategic thinker and decisive business leader.

Michelle D Greene, Chief Information Officer, Cardinal Health

At Cardinal Health, Greene leads Global Technology and Business Services, overseeing the delivery of innovative, secure technology capabilities across various segments. Her purview spans Digital and Commercial Technologies, Pharma and Medical segment IT, Global Business Services, and Information Security.

Greene’s collaborative leadership fosters high-performing teams, driving transformative technology strategies. Committed to mentorship, she embodies a servant leader, nurturing an environment that unveils individual potential.

Previously, Greene was Vice President, Information Technology at Masco Corporation, aligning IT strategies with business objectives, leading corporate IT solutions, and driving enterprise-wide IT strategies.

Beyond her role, she actively contributes to boards like Goodwill of Southeastern Wisconsin, GreenPath Financial Wellness, and Detroit Public Television (DPTV). Greene holds a bachelor’s degree from Valdosta State University and a master’s in Information Sciences from Florida State University, prioritizing personal and professional development to bring authenticity to her interactions.

Mira Murati, Chief Technology Officer, OpenAI

Mira Murati, the Chief Technology Officer at OpenAI, holds a mechanical engineering degree from Dartmouth College. She kickstarted her career as an intern at Goldman Sachs before transitioning to Zodiac Aerospace, gaining substantial aerospace exposure. Later, she spent three impactful years at Tesla as a senior product manager for the Model X, contributing significantly to the early versions of Tesla’s Autopilot.

Mira Murati, Chief Technology Officer, OpenAI

Her journey led her to Leap Motion in 2016, where she served as VP of product and engineering, aiming to revolutionize human-computer interaction. Transitioning to OpenAI 2018 as VP of applied AI and partnerships, she elevated to CTO in 2022, spearheading pivotal projects like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Codex.

Transitioning from CTO to interim leader at OpenAI, Murati’s background spans aerospace, automotive, VR, and AR, emphasizing AI applications in the real world. Her belief in artificial general intelligence (AGI) as a pivotal technological breakthrough and OpenAI’s unique position to advance it drove her journey, emphasizing the organization’s mission-driven approach and commitment to innovation and safety in AI development.

Penelope Prett, Chief Information Officer, Accenture

Penelope Prett serves as the CIO, Senior Managing Director, and Global Lead for the Workday Business Group at Accenture. With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years at Accenture, she brings extensive leadership experience across client, technology, and industry domains. Her role as the Chief Information Data and Analytics Officer witnessed the successful implementation of Workday across Accenture’s global workforce, comprising over 700,000 employees across 120 countries, marking one of the world’s largest deployments of Workday. Penelope Prett, Chief Information Officer, AccenturePrett has held diverse leadership roles throughout her tenure, overseeing significant transformation programs, sales, alliances, and quality and risk management in Accenture Technology. She has cultivated profound relationships with platform and industry ecosystem partners, contributing to Accenture’s continuous growth and innovation.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Prett actively fosters inclusion and diversity initiatives at Accenture, advocating for LGBTQIA+ initiatives and integrating non-traditional talent, including veterans, into the workforce.

She firmly believes in the symbiotic relationship between data and technology, emphasizing the power of data in driving business performance. Prett’s primary focus is empowering the company to harness data effectively, enabling business domains to make informed decisions using robust data capabilities. Outside work, she finds solace in her passions for fly fishing, cooking, and spending quality time with her husband in Atlanta, her cherished hometown.

Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Officer, EVP, Autodesk

As the Chief Technology Officer and EVP at Autodesk, Raji Arasu directs the technology and product strategy for the global design and software leader. With over 25 years of experience spanning the Platform, FinTech, E-commerce, Payments, and Entertainment sectors, she boasts a track record of delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering growth via technology innovation and engineering culture. Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Officer, EVP, AutodeskArasu’s dedication extends to supporting the technology community and championing diversity and inclusion. She serves on the board at MediaAlpha, a prominent digital advertising platform, and the CTO Forum, an esteemed organization for senior tech executives. Acknowledged among the top CIOs, premier 100 technology leaders, and most influential women in technology, she also invests in and advises startups across various domains. Her overarching goal is to drive positive technological impact and inspire the next generation of tech leaders.

Rathi Murthy, CTO/ President Expedia Services, Expedia Group

Rathi Murthy, the CTO and President of Expedia Product & Technology, is a seasoned technology leader with a rich history of transforming teams and driving innovation at a global scale. In her current role, she focuses on developing equitable products and delivering quality experiences for travelers, B2B partners, and developers. Rathi Murthy, CTO/ President Expedia Services, Expedia GroupRecognized as the Innovative Leader of the Year by Fast Company in 2023, Murthy has held senior technology roles at leading companies such as Verizon Media, Gap, Inc., and American Express. Her expertise lies in managing engineering teams, driving change, and building win-win relationships. Murthy, with a master’s in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University, currently serves on the board of directors for PagerDuty and is also an Art of Living Teacher, demonstrating a passion for spreading peace in the community.

Rowena Yeo, Chief Technology Officer & Global Vice President, Technology Services, Johnson & Johnson

Rowena Yeo is the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technology Services at Johnson & Johnson, a global healthcare company. She implements technology strategy, fosters innovation and operational excellence, and leads the Technology Services organization. A Global Technology Leadership team member, Yeo translates business priorities into technology solutions for enhanced patient outcomes. Rowena Yeo, Chief Technology Officer & Global Vice President, Technology Services, Johnson & JohnsonJoining Johnson & Johnson in 2016, she initially served as Vice President of Information Technology for Pharmaceuticals Asia Pacific, influencing technology’s strategic direction in the region. Previously, as Global CIO for Cargill, Inc.’s Agricultural Trading & Processing Enterprise, Yeo led global technology strategy.

She is Recognized for advocating technology for competitive advantage, sustainable practices, and active involvement in diversity and inclusion. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering Honors Degree from the National University of Singapore and serves on the National Center for Women & Information Technology board.

Sehr Thadhani, Chief Digital Officer, Nasdaq

Sehr Thadhani is a dynamic intrapreneur and Chief Digital Officer at Nasdaq, renowned for her strategic leadership and talent for transforming big ideas into impactful innovations. With a fearless and original approach, she excels in breaking, changing, and rebuilding brands and businesses for the future.
Sehr Thadhani, Chief Digital Officer, Nasdaq
Sehr’s senior roles span brand strategy, business design, innovation, and transformation, contributing significantly to companies like Google, NBC, and Viacom. As a trusted advisor, she has guided top executives at GE, Estee Lauder, and Samsung and even served as an advisor to the White House during the Obama Administration. Sehr’s visionary leadership and ability to navigate new frontiers have been instrumental in keeping organizations on the cutting edge of change and relevance.

Sheila Jordan, Chief Digital Technology Officer, Honeywell

Sheila Jordan is Honeywell’s Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Technology Officer. In this role, she is responsible for all digital transformation efforts across the company, including transformation platform construction and adoption and delivering value across Enterprise Data activities. In addition, she has broad oversight and responsibility for IT infrastructure, end-user support, the more than 100 services delivered through applications, and the expansion of software development to support Honeywell’s digital initiatives and go-to-market offerings. Sheila Jordan, Chief Digital Technology Officer, HoneywellBefore Honeywell, Jordan was Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Symantec, responsible for Symantec’s IT strategy and operations. Before that, she was Senior Vice President of Communication & Collaboration IT at Cisco Systems. Jordan also worked for Walt Disney World, where she was the Senior Vice President of Destination Disney.

Tanya Hannah, Chief Information Officer North America, AON

Tanya Hannah, the Chief Information Officer at AON and the recipient of the esteemed 2021 National CIO of the Year ORBIE award, boasts over two decades of global experience as a transformative business leader. Known for her adeptness in constructing agile and responsive technology organizations, she drives impactful business transformations and orchestrates top-line and bottom-line growth strategies. Tanya Hannah, Chief Information Officer North America, AONHer leadership epitomizes a visionary who values disruption and innovation, strategically shaping modernized technology infrastructures to overcome business challenges and foster sustainable growth. Her customer-centric approach drives bold decisions, merging technical expertise with astute business acumen to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Throughout her illustrious career, Hannah has overseen technology domains, including managing large-scale ERP implementations, software development, and service delivery. Beyond professional achievements, she champions diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, advocating for women in leadership roles and nurturing high-performing teams. Hannah’s passion for innovation and commitment to fostering talent is reflected in her engagements at national conferences. She shares expertise at events like the AWS Public Sector Summit and Dell Technologies World, ensuring her impact reaches the next generation of technology and business leaders.

Tracy Kerrins, Global Chief Information Officer, Wells Fargo

Tracy Kerrins is the senior executive vice president and head of technology at Wells Fargo, leading a global team executing an engineering-led IT strategy. In this role, she delivers stable, secure, scalable, and innovative services to provide 24/7 banking access for Wells Fargo’s global customers. Kerrins is key in the company’s digital transformation, emphasizing customer and employee experience, risk management, and innovation. Tracy Kerrins, Global Chief Information Officer, Wells FargoAs the former Chief Information Officer for Consumer Technology and Enterprise Functions Technology, she modernized technology and enhanced customer experiences across various business units. Kerrins is a dedicated advocate for workplace diversity, having launched and sponsored the Women in Technology advocacy group at Wells Fargo. Recognized for her achievements, she received the 2022 Carolina CIO of the Year ORBIE award and was honored in the 2021 Most Powerful Women in Banking program by American Banker. Kerrins holds a degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Tracy Mozena, Chief Information Officer, Atlantic Aviation

Tracy Mozena, Chief Information Officer at Atlantic Aviation Corporation, spearheads developing and maintaining robust, secure information technology systems across all company locations. Her dedication lies in aligning technology standards and best practices and fostering partnerships with business leaders to innovate sustainable tech solutions for operational challenges. Tracy Mozena, Chief Information Officer, Atlantic AviationWith over two decades in technology, project management, and finance roles across diverse industries – from Fortune 100 public companies to private equity-backed firms – Mozena brings a wealth of experience to her leadership role. Her track record reflects a detail-oriented, adaptable senior leader adept at steering cross-functional teams and partnerships, ensuring program deliverables drive company success and expansion.

Mozena’s expertise lies in implementing structured processes, technology, and strategic business solutions, maximizing efficiency gains while mitigating risks. Her multifaceted background demonstrates a proven ability to navigate complex business landscapes and drive impactful improvements.

Yamini Rangan, Chief Executive Officer, HubSpot

As President, CEO, and Board Member at HubSpot, Yamini Rangan leads a modern CRM company revolutionizing how millions of businesses approach marketing, sales, and customer service. With over 25 years in the tech industry, she is known for leading high-performance teams with empathy and curiosity. Yamini Rangan, CEO at HubSpotPreviously serving as Chief Customer Officer at Dropbox, she embedded a customer-focused approach throughout the organization. Her role as VP of Sales Strategy and Operations at Workday saw a quadrupling of revenue and substantial scaling of the sales division. At SAP, she held pivotal customer-facing leadership positions, contributing to closing significant deals.

San Francisco Business Times recognized Rangan as one of the Most Influential Women in Business. She frequently speaks at SaaS, customer-centric conferences, and guest lectures at Berkeley. Her zeal for customer-centric growth and scaling high-performance teams is unwavering.

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