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Veritas Cloud Service: Cuts Adoption Time

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Availability expanded beyond current customers and now includes support for Microsoft Azure.

Veritas Technologies, the leader in secure multi-cloud data management, is making it easier for enterprises to migrate or deploy new mission-critical applications in the public cloud. Automating the journey, Veritas Application Mobility Service drastically reduces the process from months to as little as 15 minutes. Allowing more organizations to experience the benefits, the service is now available to all and includes support for the Microsoft Azure platform.  

Migrating to the cloud or building a new resilient environment within the cloud brings challenges for organizations. The processes are time-consuming, requiring expertise in cloud platforms and tools and an understanding of the dependencies between applications. Organizations must also consider and design the cloud service provider shared responsibility model to address any configuration or functionality gaps. Veritas Application Mobility Service solves these and other associated pain points.  

Rags Srinivasan, Vice President and General Manager of Application Resiliency at Veritas, said: “The process for moving to the cloud is unique for every organization, yet the one thing they all seem to have in common is complexity. Veritas Application Mobility Service changes the game. It serves as a fast and low-risk ‘easy button’ that also provides granularity for digging into workload details to ensure every aspect of the move is done right. Organizations can now confidently head to the cloud in only a few short steps.” 

Companies can take advantage of the service with a 60-day trial at no cost and gain access to best-practice application configuration templates generated by the service to instantiate their applications in the cloud automatically. Additionally, because the service is based on Veritas Alta Enterprise Resiliency, they will enjoy built-in application resiliency as part of their installed 60-day trial license. If they want to continue to benefit from cross-location resiliency for mission-critical applications, the trial can be converted into a paid subscription. 

Carlos Gabriel Ceja Olaeta, Solution Architect Regional Manager at Itera, said: “Itera is dedicated to empowering our clients by elevating, modernizing, and maximizing the benefits of cloud computing. As specialists in expediting digital transformation for businesses, we view Veritas Application Mobility Service as a compelling, low-risk solution for overcoming common obstacles in deploying applications in the cloud. It serves as a fast track to achieving rapid time-to-value and ensures that once applications are migrated to the cloud, they remain consistently operational and resilient.

We look forward to using this service with our solutions to provide customers with improved mobility, increased resilience, cost-effectiveness, and streamlined simplicity.” 

The SaaS-based service makes it easy to get started for new cloud deployments. Select the application type and cloud provider, customize settings (e.g., compute, network, storage resources) as needed, deploy the new configuration, and initialize the application. Veritas Application Mobility Service supports both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platforms.  

Srinvasan said: “We want organizations to have full flexibility and time to test their workloads using the Veritas Application Mobility Service. The 60-day trial lets them kick the tires and validate that the service meets their business needs. Once they’ve tried it, we believe they’ll appreciate the ease of use and find significant value in the application resiliency aspect, ultimately choosing to become long-term customers.”  

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