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Thentia Unveils AI Data Migration for Regulatory Integrity

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This dual-purpose service leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate a swift, secure data transition to Thentia Cloud and offers ongoing data fidelity support for long-term platform optimization. This strategic offering allows regulatory agencies to focus on their core functions and easily maximize Thentia’s platform’s benefits.

Thentia, a leading innovator in regulatory technology, has announced the launch of Data Migration Accelerator (DMA). This new service offering leverages artificial intelligence to empower its customers to seamlessly migrate their data to its all-encompassing regulatory platform, Thentia Cloud. Beyond data migration, DMA offers ongoing data management – which ensures data remains complete, accurate, consistent, and traceable – to help customers derive the utmost value from the platform.

This innovative solution answers the call within the regulatory industry for expert leadership in confronting the central challenge of data migration during the transition to a cloud-based platform. As many agencies make the shift from traditional legacy, paper-based, or in-house solutions to cloud platforms, they grapple with substantial difficulties in managing these critical aspects.

“Data precision and comprehensiveness serve as the bedrock for ensuring a successful and punctual Thentia Cloud deployment,” says Julian Cardarelli, CEO, Thentia. “From our extensive experience with hundreds of successful deployments, we understand that the complexity of regulatory data migration can be a critical factor in project success. Our new offering, DMA, ensures a proven, robust approach to data migration and management, and leveraging the power of AI, guarantees precise execution during our customers’ transition to Thentia’s platform.”

Cardarelli explains that many regulatory bodies face the challenge of migrating data from numerous siloed back-end systems or on-premises databases. Limited resources and highly manual processes can often hinder efficiency in the process, causing significant project delays and other critical issues if data isn’t handled properly. “The potential repercussions of an imprecise execution can be dire,” he says.

DMA’s data migration program adopts a well-defined, iterative three-phase methodology. This collaborative and iterative workstream seamlessly integrates with Thentia’s project delivery process. It prioritizes data governance, encompassing data quality and lifecycle policies for all migrated data, while also addressing operational data integration and meeting reporting and analytics requirements.

With DMA, Thentia assumes more responsibility for customer data, ensuring its security and integrity, while also standardizing data sets to enhance consistency and accuracy. Additionally, DMA establishes a unified API and leverages AI for data ingress into Thentia Cloud, automating the validation and cleaning of data to streamline the process for maximum efficiency and ease the burden on customers during the migration process.

“We are delighted to introduce this innovative solution to the regulatory market—a solution we believe will catalyze transforming the success rate of IT modernization and cloud adoption projects across the globe.”

The introduction of DMA solidifies Thentia Cloud’s status as the top technology choice for government agencies and regulatory entities worldwide. Setting itself apart from other players in the market, Thentia distinguishes itself as the only comprehensive platform exclusively tailored to the requirements of regulators. It achieves this distinction by offering in-house platform configuration and delivery, rather than relying on third-party developers or integrators.

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