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Tabnine Partners with DigitalOcean for Global AI-Driven Dev

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Collaboration makes one of the leading AI coding assistants available to the entire DigitalOcean customer community.

Tabnine, the creators of the industry’s first AI-powered coding assistant for developers, today announced a strategic partnership with DigitalOcean, the developer cloud optimized for startups and growing digital businesses. DigitalOcean now delivers Tabnine’s AI coding assistant to startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the world, empowering them to accelerate and simplify the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) process without sacrificing privacy, security, and compliance.

As the volume and complexity of applications continue to grow, software engineering teams are struggling to keep pace with the demands of their businesses. Generative AI is emerging as a leading solution, with AI coding assistants demonstrating how AI can accelerate and simplify the entire SDLC. Independent research shows that developers who use AI coding assistants are proving to be significantly more productive, creating a competitive advantage for engineering teams who adopt generative AI in their work.

“AI-enabled software development tools and practices are the answer to continued pressure on engineering teams to efficiently deliver more applications and features — especially for those at startups and SMBs with fewer resources at their disposal,” said Eran Yahav, Co-founder and CTO of Tabnine. “Our partnership with DigitalOcean gives their entire customer community the power of a private, personalized, and protected AI coding assistant.”

As the originator of the AI coding assistant category, Tabnine’s mission is to accelerate software development through AI for engineering teams of every size. Tabnine currently serves more than one million developers, generating more than 1% of the world’s code and typically automating 30-50% of code generation. By joining forces with DigitalOcean, a leader in cloud infrastructure for startups and growing digital businesses, this partnership expands Tabnine’s reach to even more teams. It makes it easier for them to benefit from generative AI.

Professional engineering teams are excited to embrace this new class of generative AI tools but are concerned about the privacy of their code and the provenance of the code used to train the AI models. Tabnine’s partnership with DigitalOcean will give DigitalOcean customers an AI coding assistant that not only delivers world-class AI agents and code recommendations but also prioritizes privacy and protection. Tabnine’s AI models are trained exclusively on permissively licensed open-source code to ensure that the recommendations from Tabnine never expose customers to legal risks. In addition, Tabnine offers a variety of deployment options to satisfy customer privacy and has a zero data retention policy across its secure SaaS offerings. The combination of Tabnine’s capabilities and approach to security and compliance satisfies the needs of developers and engineering leadership alike.

“DigitalOcean and Tabnine are joining forces to unlock the power of AI-enabled software development for developers at startups and growing digital businesses worldwide,” said Fer Oliveira, VP of Partnerships at DigitalOcean. “This groundbreaking partnership makes generative AI technology accessible to everyone, accelerating innovation and leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes.”

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