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StreaksAI Unveils AI Chatbot for Personal Support

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StreaksAI intends the product to be used for three distinct services: companionship, mentorship, and personal assistant.

StreaksAI, a UK-based generative AI platform, announced the launch of Streaks Companion, a personalized AI chatbot service allowing for humanlike mentorship, companionship, and digital assistant services.

Streaks Companion offers private chatbots designed for long-term conversations. Each virtual companion is designed for individual use, remaining private and only accessible through the user’s personal account.

StreaksAI intends the product to be used for 3 distinct services: companionship, mentorship, and as a personal assistant. Companionship services can either be romantic or platonic, designed to “increase users’ confidence in navigating real-life relationships” and offering a secure environment for users to “build relationship skills and develop new romantic experiences”.

As a mentor, the service can provide friendship and advice on personal issues, and as a personal assistant it can support with time management and organization.

To support the launch, StreaksAI commissioned a survey to determine public sentiment around AI chatbots. The survey featured 300 people in the UK with results strongly supportive of the potential of AI across all 3 use cases.

Separately, StreaksAI issued an update on Streaks Idols, its social product and AI character generator launched on September 21. So far the service has 9,135 registered users with 60,000 messages sent across the platform. The company said it is continuing to update the service with new “Idol” chatbots across a wide range historical and cultural figures and educational tools 

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Eye-catching news  from StreaksAI as it launches Streaks Companion, an AI chatbot service offering 3 distinct services. The announcement should benefit from ongoing hype surrounding ChatGPT, combined with a companion AI function that represents a theme commonly explored in science fiction.

The AI is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) generators including GPT-4, allowing for deep personalization as the chatbot remembers previous conversations and utilizes “memory recall” to create personalized dialogue specific to each user. In this way, Streaks Companion allows users to craft their own unique and highly customizable experience. 

The survey, while only featuring 300 people in the UK, indicated strong support for AI’s potential as a mentor, companion or assistant. For companionship, 73% of respondents reported that chatbots and digital companions could serve as “effective tools in combating loneliness and social isolation”. For mentorship and personal assistance, 72% of respondents believed AI chatbots could be helpful in their day-to-day.

ChatGPT has unleashed a new industry of AI chatbots that may be the next frontier of computing and connectivity. Investors interested in the space are advised

StreaksAI as it continues to develop its AI services. In addition to Streaks Companion, the company’s Streaks Idols product is potentially disruptive as it capitalizes on users’ keenness of fictional characters.

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