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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

STELLA AI Integrates with Reynolds to Improve Dealer-customer Experience

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STELLA AI, the leading provider of conversational AI for the automotive sector, has integrated with Reynolds and Reynolds to provide dealerships with a front-end solution for handling customer calls and scheduling service appointments.

STELLA Automotive AI, the leading provider of high-end conversational AI technology designed to revolutionize the customer experience for the automotive sector, is pleased to announce that dealerships using ERA-IGNITE or POWER Dealer Management System (DMS) can now harness the powerful capabilities of the STELLA Platform.

“Dealers have been looking forward to this integration, and we have dealers already going live with the STELLA integration,” said Rich Sands, CEO of STELLA Automotive. “What’s so exciting is that we accomplished an intelligent read-write integration that enables STELLA to operate just like an employee at the dealership, with the ability to input data and manage operational codes just like a service advisor.”

STELLA AI-powered digital voice assistant offers a front end solution for the dealer, where STELLA speaks with customers and navigates them through common questions, checking the schedule, and making service lane bookings. STELLA effectively manages the majority of calls but can seamlessly transition customers to dealership staff, allowing for enhanced dealership operations, reducing costs, and improving customer service scores. 

The Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program is renowned for its commitment to secure and reliable data exchange. STELLA AI is SOC-2 compliant, and securely integrates its cutting-edge technology with ERA and POWER.

STELLA AI products are purposefully designed to elevate the customer’s experience when calling the dealer or scheduling service appointments. With STELLA, customers can efficiently book appointments in under 2 minutes, which leads to higher CSI scores and increased appointment capture rates for the dealership. Additionally, it empowers service advisors to devote more quality time serving customers within the dealership, thereby enhancing overall service operations.

At its core, STELLA is an AI-powered digital voice assistant that addresses a fundamental challenge faced by dealerships – the phone.

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