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Samsung Integrates AI for Human-Like Vision in Camera Sensors

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Samsung’s future cameras seem like humans! Built-in AI chips for stunning photos, object tracking, and more. Coming soon?

Samsung reportedly plans to incorporate a dedicated chip for artificial intelligence directly into its camera sensors. According to a report by Business Korea, Samsung is working on incorporating AI into its camera image sensors while aiming to create sensors capable of sensing and replicating human senses in the long term. Samsung internally calls these “Humanoid Sensors” and would likely incorporate the technology into its devices by 2027.

Last year, Samsung unveiled a 200-megapixel ISOCELL camera sensor with “ZOOM Anyplace” technology. According to the company, the technology uses AI for automatic object tracking during close-up shots.

South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix also revealed its camera sensor with an integrated AI processing chip during its Tech Summit 2023.

Unlike traditional camera sensors that feed information to a device’s CPU for image processing, AI cameras use an integrated chip with AI capabilities to process data directly at the sensor level. Incorporating AI into imaging sensors is expected to improve image quality while lowering latency and power consumption. It could also result in better face and object recognition capabilities

While the AI-integrated camera sensors are part of Samsung’s long-term ambitions, the company reportedly brings AI tools – similar to the Google Pixel 8 series – to its Galaxy series smartphone. These new AI features would likely include a new tool to generate wallpaper using combinations of keywords, the ability to relocate objects in an image using AI, and a feature that will let users expand a picture beyond its borders. Samsung Notes app is also expected to be treated with AI for the ability to auto-format big paragraphs and generate summaries when prompted.

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