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RoEx Automix Unveils Feature for Enhanced Live Music Recording

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RoEx Automix AI tackles live music mixing hurdles! Transform messy live recordings into polished tracks with ease. Save time and unleash fresh creative possibilities.

RoEx has announced a significant development addressing the unique challenges of live music mixing. RoEx’s newly launched product, Automix, an AI-assisted audio mixing and mastering tool, has just taken its next step in enhancing the processes of live performance recordings within the creative community. Enabled by a £50,000 Innovate UK grant, this advancement transitions from the controlled studio environment to the vibrant unpredictability of live performances, marking a game-changing moment for creators and innovators in the music industry.

Live music’s authenticity and spontaneous energy often bring challenges such as inconsistent acoustics, ambient noise, and microphone bleed. These issues traditionally require hours of meticulous manual editing, hindering the production of resonant live recordings.

RoEx’s latest feature, powered by enhanced AI technology, tackles these complexities head-on. Automix refines audio while maintaining the distinct feel of live performances, offering a new approach to mixing and enjoying live music.

This development came from thorough research involving machine learning and audio signal processing techniques. Based on user feedback, RoEx’s team adjusted algorithms to improve audio quality while keeping the genuine momentum of live performances.

The new feature will equip artists and producers with the ability to transform their archived live recordings into enhanced, clear-sounding tracks. This enables them to save time and studio fees and breathes new life into their live recordings.”

David Ronan, RoEx CEO, comments: “We are so excited to launch the first AI multitrack studio mixing software capable of mixing live music, and we can’t wait to see how our community will resonate with it. We remain committed to ongoing innovation driven by user feedback and experiences. That’s why we developed this new feature – to provide our community with a tool that can quickly enhance audio quality while preserving the authenticity and energy of their live performances.”

Automix, RoEx’s new feature, once again underscores its innovative approach. Streamlining the mixing and mastering of live performance recordings democratizes the world of music creation, fostering talent growth and broadening opportunities.

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