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Reveald Launches AI-Powered Epiphany Validation Engine

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This new tool lets security teams act like attackers to test defenses, identify weaknesses, and improve cyber preparedness. Features include automated attack path validation and real-time assessment of defensive controls.

Reveald, an industry founder of Continuous Threat Exposure Management, has expanded its capabilities by acquiring rThreat and creating the Epiphany Validation Engine (EVE) to enhance AI-driven cyber resilience. EVE is a state-of-the-art emulation technology that enables security operators to assume the role of attackers to validate cybersecurity readiness and controls, validating malware, TTPs, and controls while allowing analysts to view the full attack path and identify material risks. As part of the CTEM journey, users can now find risk conditions, prioritize, validate, remediate, and mobilize within one workflow, simplifying years of friction between IT operations and SecOps. This enhanced capability redefines cybersecurity preparedness by utilizing real-world and custom threats to test and strengthen cyber defenses within a secure environment.

Zero Trust, On Demand Real Attack Validation- Challenge your defenses with real-world and custom threats
Zero Trust, On Demand Real Attack Validation- Challenge your defenses with real-world and custom threats.

EVE extends the capabilities of its technology with powerful features, including:

  • Automated Validation of Attack Paths: Systematically exposes vulnerabilities to predict and prevent potential breaches.
  • Measurement of Environmental Resilience: Evaluates how systems withstand sophisticated cyber attacks.
  • Assessment of Defensive Controls: Checks the effectiveness of security measures in real-time.
  • Flexible Attack Framework: Offers customizable scenarios to match each organization’s unique threats.
  • Live, Simulated, Bespoke: Supports full customization of deployed threats, including customer-created scenarios.

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Dan Singer, CEO of Reveald, expressed his enthusiasm for the new capabilities: “Reveald’s mission is to harden the defense of our customers’ environments. EVE is a leap forward in providing real-time gap analysis of defensive controls and the actions needed to harden the posture continuously. The Epiphany platform takes the guessing game out of what a material risk to an organization is, and now, with EVE, we can ensure we know the full scope of the risk condition before we take steps to remediate it.”

Reveald remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity technology and helping organizations worldwide maintain robust defenses against ever-evolving threats.

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