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RedNevada.AI Launches RAI, The Market Leading AI Recruitment Tool

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RAI is an AI-powered, web-enabled toolset that provides recruiters, HR/talent teams, CEOs and founders with capabilities, acting as a co-pilot throughout the recruitment lifecycle.

RedNevada.AI, the leading provider of AI-enabled software, has announced the launch of RAI, the most comprehensive and advanced recruitment and resourcing co-pilot solution in the market.

In late 2022, RedNevada.AI performed extensive market research into how AI technology could benefit the recruitment life cycle from initial job description to placement. The research showed that the recruitment process could be very time and labor-intensive and that success rates per applicant are directly related to the quality and accuracy of the work. The team at RedNevada.AI set out to use AI technologies to increase this process’s efficiency significantly and to help achieve a much higher applicant success rate. The result was RAI, the most comprehensive and advanced solution in the market.

RAI was extensively tested with a wide range of pilot customers across multiple geographies and industries to ensure efficiency and cost saving and that it properly assisted the people who will directly benefit from a toolset such as RAI. Following the results of this testing, the final RAI product set was released and launched to the broader market at the end of October.

RAI is an AI-powered, web-enabled toolset that provides recruiters, HR/talent teams, CEOs and founders with capabilities, acting as a co-pilot throughout the recruitment lifecycle. These include automated role description generation and review, role advert generation with company context, including D&I and SEO optimization, advanced CV screening, contextual interview question generation with supporting information, interview response analysis including recorded interview interpretation and the ability to store data for future use and reference.

In market tests, RAI significantly decreased time-to-hire and recruitment costs from efficiency gains. Users experienced reduced time on analysis and shortlisting candidates and a material increase in job-to-candidate qualification through equipping users with more accurate inputs to the process. Data insights from the CV screening and interview analysis delivered a sharp rise in CV sent-to-placement ratios between recruiters and stakeholders, doubling and tripling positive outcomes in some cases.

“We are delighted to officially announce the launch of RAI, the leading AI-enabled recruitment tool in the market. We worked with pilot customers of all sizes and complexity across several industries, including the recruitment industry, to test our hypothesis – that AI can dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of the recruitment process,” said Stuart Houghton, Founder and Executive Director of RedNevada.AI. “The results were outstanding, and we were very pleased to see pilot customers become paying customers on launch. Our core principle is that our solutions act as co-pilots and don’t take away from a human decision being made but significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of that decision. AI-enabled technology solutions are significantly affecting the global market and we are pleased to be leading the industry in the AI Recruitment space.”

RAI is already being used by a rapidly growing set of customers with 100s of users. Customers cover recruitment agencies, recruitment tech providers, leading software firms, the automotive industry, consultancy, and manufacturing … demonstrating it is industry agnostic.

RAI releases functionality every month with future functionality considerations, including a candidate attraction co-pilot, customer-specific AI models, multi-AI engine use, multi-lingual translation, sales and marketing functionality and additional candidate functionality.

“RedNevada’s RAI is the best AI recruiting software in the market. It saves significant time on manual hiring processes and allows me to concentrate on other HR projects and contribute to the business’s overall strategy,” said Jen Stockton-Pugh, HR lead for Planixs, a global FinTech.

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