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NeuralSpace Launches Authentic AI Voices for Locally Spoken Dialects

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NeuralSpace announces AI voices within VoiceAI, a platform and API that combines transcription, translation, speech analytics, and synthetic voice generation.

NeuralSpace, a leader in language AI, has launched a transformative voice technology feature within its VoiceAI platform, introducing realistic synthetic voices in Arabic, Hindi, and English. This innovation, unveiled on December 11, marks a significant leap in voice technology, offering speech synthesis with unparalleled authenticity, especially in local dialects like Saudi Arabia.

Three key advantages set NeuralSpace’s offering apart:

  • Cultural Resonance: The AI voices capture the essence of local dialects, fostering a deeper connection between users and technology in regions like Saudi Arabia, India, and the English-speaking world.
  • Real-Time Interaction: VoiceAI provides immediate, natural-sounding audio feedback, essential for dynamic speech generation in virtual assistants and interactive voice response systems.
  • Ease of Integration: The technology is sophisticated yet user-friendly, enabling developers to enhance their applications effortlessly.

NeuralSpace’s VoiceAI meets the high demand for accurate transcription, speech analytics, and authentic synthetic voices. These AI voices are fine-tuned for real-world interactions, offering engaging, conversational user experiences.

Felix Laumann, CEO and Co-Founder at NeuralSpace, said: “NeuralSpace was founded with a vision to make technology universally accessible in any language. Today, with the release of our VoiceAI natural AI voices, we are moving one step closer to turning this dream into reality. Our human-quality Saudi Arabic, Hindi, and English AI voices are not just breakthroughs in technological innovation; they are gateways to making dialectal interactions with technology a tangible experience for everyone.”

About VoiceAI: This platform and API allow companies to transcribe, translate, and analyze audio data with exceptional accuracy, particularly in Arabic and Indian languages. Key features include up to 91% transcription accuracy, surpassing major tech brands. The platform guarantees top-tier data security with on-premise deployment, and NeuralSpace’s ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance.

NeuralSpace invites you to integrate VoiceAI into your systems, promising to transform customer experiences. The platform is accessible via a no-code web platform, REST APIs, and a Python SDK, ensuring easy integration.

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