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Naiz Fit’s AI Revolutionizes Fashion Tech

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My Size Inc. unveils Naiz Fit’s AI advancements for fashion: personalized recommendations and virtual try-ons from customer photos, transforming online and in-store shopping.

My Size Inc., a leading omnichannel E-commerce platform and innovator in AI-driven measurement solutions, is excited to announce the latest advancements from its subsidiary, Naiz Fit. Embracing the future of fashion technology, Naiz Fit is pioneering the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its services, setting a new standard for personalized and interactive shopping experiences in the fashion industry.

Innovating with Natural Language Models

Naiz Fit is harnessing the power of advanced natural language processing models and multi-agent environments, such as Crew AI and Autogen, to offer unparalleled personalization in product recommendations and filtering. This cutting-edge approach allows intuitive searches based on occasions or specific queries like “I have a party” or “What goes best with my jeans.” By developing specialized agents—each an expert in brand knowledge, fashion trends, or size and fit—Naiz Fit can aggregate a tailored product reel that matches not only individual style preferences but also considers past purchases, body figures, fits, and tastes.

Revolutionizing with Image Generation Models

Naiz Fit breaks barriers by enabling virtual try-ons directly from customers’ photos. This innovative feature eliminates the need for 3D garment modeling, leveraging existing product images for seamless integration. Brands can now offer their customers the ability to virtually mix and match garments, visualizing how different items pair. Furthermore, Naiz Fit aims to extend this immersive experience to physical retail spaces through smart mirrors and digital points of sale equipped with cameras, enhancing the in-store shopping journey.

A Leap Towards Futuristic Fashion Retail: “At My Size, we are committed to driving innovation and redefining the retail experience through technology,” stated Ronen Luzon, Founder and CEO of My Size Inc. “The integration of Generative AI into Naiz Fit’s offerings represents a significant milestone in our journey, offering unprecedented personalization and engagement to brands and consumers. This is just the beginning of how we envision the future of fashion tech.”

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