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Lookout Enhances Cloud Security Platform for Better Data Protection

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Lookout enhances its Cloud Security Platform to help organizations better discover, assess, and protect their data across any network and from the endpoint to the cloud.

Cloud security company Lookout, Inc. announced enhancements to its Lookout Cloud Security Platform to help organizations better discover, assess and protect their data across any network and from the endpoint to the cloud, according to a statement from the firm.

The Lookout Cloud Security Platform is a Security Service Edge (SSE) offering that continuously monitors the risk posture of users and their devices. The platform then provides granular zero-trust access based on the sensitivity level of apps and data. Services in the platform include Secure Private Access (ZTNA), Secure Internet Access (SWG) and Secure Cloud Access (CASB).

The ZTNA approach offers a far more secure approach than traditional VPNs by limiting users to specific applications. This reduces the overall attack surface and prevents lateral movement of threats to avoid compromising the entire infrastructure. Lookout Secure Private Access discovers and helps onboard private applications running on an organization’s network hosted on-premises or in the cloud that are currently being accessed by a VPN.

An integrated cloud firewall extends inspection of incoming and outgoing traffic across all ports and protocols, enabling granular visibility and access control into non-web traffic to stop zero-day threats, according to Lookout. With this enhancement, customers can apply more granular security and access policies across all of their apps (web, TCP, UDP, ICMP) and both internet and intranet traffic.

Google Labels Classification expands data classification capabilities across the Lookout Cloud Security Platform by integrating with Google Drive labels, Lookout said in the statement. This integration helps Lookout customers classify sensitive data with Google Drive labels and enforce security policies based on these labels to protect sensitive data stored in Google Drive’s API mode.

In addition, the Lookout Cloud Security Platform secures traffic and enforce policies on guest networks and IoT devices to reduce the risk of malware infections and data exfiltration through these channels. Lookout also enhanced its integration with remote browser isolation (RBI) and cloud sandboxing to improve the user experience and provide robust threat protection for organizations, preventing users from accessing malicious sites and content, according to the statement.

“Lookout continues to innovate the Lookout Cloud Security Platform in ways that strengthen the protection of users and data from security threats and enhance the end-user experience,” said Aaron Cockerill, Executive Vice President of Product, Lookout. “We are the only vendor that unifies cloud and endpoint security into one platform. With this latest release, Lookout continues to build upon our strategic vision to put data security at the intersection of today’s workplace and modern cybersecurity threats.”

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