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Leostream Enhances vSphere Hybrid Cloud Security

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Leostream boosts vSphere security and management: seamless EUC, cost control, and cloud freedom for hybrid workplaces. Embrace secure multi-cloud access without sacrificing user experience or breaking the bank.

Leostream Corporation, a provider of Remote Desktop Access Platforms, has announced a range of new features aiming to enhance security, ease of management, and end-user productivity for vSphere-based hybrid cloud environments.

The company’s platform leverages end-user computing (EUC) capabilities, ensuring secure access to both on-premises and cloud environments. These new improvements offer businesses ways to make their heterogeneous, hosted desktop environments, including virtual desktops, multi-user sessions, hosted physical workstations or desktops, and hosted applications, simpler to manage, more secure, more flexible, and more cost-effective.

One of the principal enhancements pertains to security. The Leostream platform ensures data remains securely within the corporate network while working across on-premises and diverse cloud environments. It allows firms to assert complete control over authorization and access tracking, supporting multifactor authentication. The platform further ensures strict access control rules can be enforced, offering a zero-trust architecture for the organization’s EUC environment.

The second key feature relates to multivendor and protocol support. Designed from the ground up for mixed infrastructures, the Leostream platform can accommodate organizations’ evolving needs by utilizing vSphere today and other hypervisors or hyperconvergence platforms in the future. In addition, it provides support for a broad range of remote display protocols, including those necessary for mission-critical tasks.

The platform also promises a stable EUC experience. Integrated with corporate Identity Providers (IdPs), employees can use a familiar single portal for sign-in, ensuring consistency and ease of use. Hence, the architecture allows IT departments to change the environment while avoiding disruptions in end-user productivity.

Connectivity is the next aspect where Leostream has made notable enhancements. The Leostream Gateway ensures secure connections to on-prem and cloud resources, eliminating the need to manage security groups and virtual private networks (VPNs). This fosters a seamless login experience and high-performance connections across hybrid environments and internet-located corporate resources.

The final key enhancement aims to control cloud costs. Using the Leostream Connection Broker, automated rules control the capacity and power state in the cloud, allowing businesses to optimize cloud usage and minimize costs. Intelligent pooling and sharing of resources across user groups enable organizations to reduce investments in systems, effectively diminishing the overall cost of ownership.

Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream, highlighted the significance of new features by stating that they provide a streamlined experience when integrating with vSphere and hybrid or multi-cloud resources. Gondoly said, “These features deliver a streamlined experience with vSphere and hybrid or multi-cloud resources, ensuring end users remain productive, and corporate data and applications remain secure.”

“When there is uncertainty about the future of support for VMware’s end-user computing, it’s important to bring these options to the market, showing organizations they can extend vSphere’s capabilities and simultaneously plan for the future without disrupting the workforce.”

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