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LeapXpert Launches Maxen Solution

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New enterprise AI application boosts relationship manager productivity and enriches client interactions.

LeapXpert, the responsible business communication pioneer, announced the general availability of Maxen, a patented GenAI application that improves the productivity of relationship managers and enriches their communications with clients.

Maxen produces Communication Intelligence by fusing data from external communication channels, including WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS and phone calls, internal collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, client data, and enterprise knowledge. 

Maxen modernizes business communications with clients by providing relationship managers, such as account managers and financial advisors, with live insights into recent communications and recommendations for impactful message topics and content. The application includes collaborative insights, including features for adding comments and sharing across enterprise teams. Maxen also ensures accurate fact and compliance checking for every message and implements robust data controls to meet enterprises’ strict governance and compliance needs.

McKinsey & Company estimates that Generative Artificial Intelligence could add the equivalent of $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually in value to global industries across the 63 use cases the firm analyzed. Banking is expected to have one of the largest opportunities for GenAI, with an annual potential of $200-$340 billion from increased productivity. According to McKinsey, GenAI “could greatly alter how some jobs are done and how customers interact with banks”.

Maxen is a new optional module for The LeapXpert Communications Platform, the leading Digital Communications Governance (DCG) platform, which enables employees and clients to communicate on consumer messaging applications and voice channels in a compliant, governed, and secure manner.

“Our launch of Maxen is the next natural step in our product management strategy as our application of Generative AI will empower our customers to get so much more out of their client interactions and boost productivity,” said Dima Gutzeit, Founder and CEO of LeapXpert. “We are already experiencing impressive demand for Maxen and have strong expectations it will unlock significant new possibilities for productive client engagement and communication.”

LeapXpert will unveil Maxen on the Sun D stage at Enterprise Connect 2024 in Orlando on Monday, March 25, at 4 pm. 

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