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LatentView Partners with LiveRamp for Consumer-Level Data Analysis

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Partnership Enables Marketers to Understand the End-to-End Digital Experience Better.

LatentView Analytics, one of the largest data analytics firms and leaders in digital data analytics, announced a measurement partnership with LiveRamp, the leading provider of data onboarding and connectivity services. LatentView and LiveRamp can enable marketers to create a more accurate, unified view of the customer, leading to deeper insights and better decision-making.

LiveRamp eliminates data fragmentation through LiveRamp Customer Link, which connects online and offline data from disparate channels and devices to anonymous non-personally identifiable information (PII) links representing a unique consumer. LatentView then ingests the linked data, creates anonymous end-to-end customer journeys, and performs campaign measurement, cross-channel attribution, audience profiling, site analytics, and optimization.

The combined offering strengthens marketers’ ability to view digital data holistically, enabling increased sales, improved efficiency, and more relevant marketing messages for each consumer. “One of the greatest challenges facing businesses in digital marketing is connecting the dots across customer interactions, integrating data from disparate sources to provide business value,” said Gopi Koteeswaran, CEO of LatentView Analytics. “Through our partnership with LiveRamp, we can help marketers create digital marketing campaigns that maximize returns, intelligently target customers, and engage across the entire customer journey.”

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“Savvy marketers are looking for every opportunity to gain insights that lead to better customer experiences,” said Travis May, President of LiveRamp. “We’re excited to partner with LatentView to help clients benefit from a richer, unified view of the customer.”

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