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Lacework Teams Up with Securiti for Data and Cloud Security

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Combine Lacework’s app security with Securiti’s data intelligence for enhanced risk prioritization, streamlined compliance, and confident incident investigation.

Securiti and Lacework announced a strategic partnership that will allow customers to be smarter than ever when protecting cloud data.

The collaboration unites Laceworks Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and Securiti’s Data Command Center with built-in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), empowering enterprises to safeguard sensitive data across complex multi-cloud environments.

Securiti offers contextual data intelligence and unified controls across the hybrid multi-cloud. With their Data Command Center, customers get the functions defined in DSPM and DSP categories and comprehensive visibility for overall data security in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), IaaS, data lakes and warehouses, and on-premise data systems. In addition, other important data controls related to Data Privacy, Data Governance, and AI Governance are supported in the Securiti Data Command Center.

Lacework offers security coverage from code security through runtime applications, allowing enterprises to correlate risk and threat data to gain greater security insights and drive better security outcomes. By contextualizing Lacework security findings based on the data sensitivity determined by the Data Command Center, enterprises can gain a much more comprehensive risk prioritization. The combination of Securiti’s intelligent data classification and Lacework’s sophisticated cloud attack path analysis unlocks the ability to understand the patterns and associated risks between modern apps and datastores.

“A strategic partnership between Lacework and Securiti provides improved visibility for my team, helping us focus on defined risk instead of our perception of risk,” said David Christensen, Chief Information Security Officer of PlanSource. “We’re a custodian of sensitive data, and this delivers an important added visibility layer that allows us to prioritize our efforts on risk that could impact our customers and their data the most.”

The combination of the Data Command Center and Lacework platform provides security analysts several benefits: identifying the highest-priority risks, focusing on high-impact threats, increasing incident investigation confidence, Improved prioritization and remediation, and streamlining compliance.

“By enabling security teams to see the relationships between applications and services and the sensitive data they directly access, we can provide a much more informed view of risk,” said Jay Parikh, CEO of Lacework. “Adding the freshness and accuracy of Securiti’s best-of-breed DSPM capabilities to the Lacework platform allows for intelligent visibility that helps teams understand the complex linkage between data and applications. We’re excited to deliver this to our customers with Securiti.”

“Securiti’s Data Command Center goes beyond narrow Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) functions, encompassing all environments and data privacy, governance, and AI governance in a single, unified platform,” said Rehan Jalil, CEO of Securiti. “By partnering with Lacework, we are extending the reach of our platform and allowing customers to achieve a truly data-centric security posture. This sets a new standard for data-protection driven security.”

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