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Janover Unveils AI Chatbot for Commercial Lenders

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Multifamily, commercial real estate, and SBA lenders can now dramatically enhance engagement on their websites and improve productivity per employee

Janover Inc., an AI-enabled platform for commercial real estate transactions, announced that it is now offering its AI chatbot interface under a software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) model to a select number of commercial lenders. The first collaboration is with Gelt Financial, a leading and innovating commercial real estate lender providing debt to real estate owners across the U.S. Janover has named its AI, Burrito, as each conversation “ought to be unique and delicious” says CEO Blake Janover. Commercial lenders can learn more and join the waitlist here: https://janover.co/janover-burrito.

Multifamily, commercial real estate, and Small Business Administration (“SBA”) lenders can now dramatically enhance engagement on their website, quickly qualify and disqualify borrowers, and provide a more delightful experience for website users. Janover’s AI chatbot interacts 24/7 with users in real-time to resolve issues, coordinate transactions, and answer questions, in addition to handling lead generation and qualification. This technology is set to redefine the way commercial lenders interact with their clients. By enabling high-empathy, intricate conversations directly on their websites, the chatbot streamlines the process of qualifying leads, introducing team members, and providing rapid responses to user inquiries. Lenders enrolled in the Janover platform have the priority opportunity to join the waitlist and enhance their websites with an AI chatbot that totally “gets” commercial real estate financing and sales. It has been the subject of significant training and optimization by the Janover team over the last year in the context of commercial real estate finance. Click here to join the waitlist.

Blake Janover, CEO of Janover, stated, “This advancement is not just about enhancing the borrower experience; it represents a leap forward in increasing productivity for every employee, customer service agent, and loan originator in banks, credit unions, private lenders, and more. It’s a first step in improving processes and productivity for lenders across America on behalf of all their stakeholders. Our AI application, offered on a subscription basis, marks an exciting new chapter in our journey. Sharing our technology with other industry leaders puts us in a position to become part of the fabric of all commercial loan transactions in America while further enhancing the quality and predictability of our revenue. Our goal is to significantly elevate the borrower’s experience by offering instant connectivity and feedback, revolutionizing sales, and customer service in the commercial financial sector. In the future, we aim to add the same capabilities including email, text, and voice that we currently have within our core business. We are particularly excited to collaborate with Gelt Financial, a company at the forefront of combining borrower experience, thoughtful underwriting, and technology in the commercial lending space.  Their eagerness to integrate our AI application into their operations showcases their commitment to staying ahead of the curve.”

Noah Miller, Vice President of Gelt Financial, commented, “We are extremely excited to be the first to adopt Janover’s innovative AI chatbot for the benefit of our customers, borrowers, and staff. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our borrower experiences and continue to be our most efficient and productive version of ourselves. We believe that their AI solution perfectly fits us and represents a significant step in redefining industry standards.”

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