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Iveda Launches vumastAR: AI Assistants for Everyday Devices

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AI software adds brain power to your camera, improves productivity and efficiency, reduces human error, and enhances safety and security across industries.

Iveda, the global solution for cloud-based AI video and sensor technologies, unveiled the launch of vumastAR (pronounced “view master”), an AI vision software designed to make day-to-day tasks easier than ever before. Iveda’s next-generation, customizable AI system is compatible with most smart devices––from smartphones and tablets to IP cameras, augmented reality (AR) glasses, and more––taking human skills and ability to the next level through the power of artificial intelligence. With use cases spanning industries, vumastAR’s state-of-the-art technology greatly reduces human error, enhances safety, improves security, and optimizes work performance, empowering employees––from pharma and retail to manufacturing and logistics––to work smarter, not harder. Iveda will sell vumastAR as a license per device with a monthly subscription requirement for cloud access to trained AI models.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global augmented reality market is projected to reach upwards of $1.1 trillion by 2030. VumastAR leverages IvedaAI’s advanced video search technology to digitalize workflows, taking human capability to new heights, all while delivering valuable insights, minimizing biases, and enhancing decision-making. The technology can be tailored to meet specific industry or user needs for companies looking to boost productivity and efficiency and accomplish daily tasks easily and with minimal error.

The software’s inherent customizability means that vumastAR can be deployed for a wide range of use cases:

  • Quality and Maintenance Exams: vumastAR has the power to assist with critical measuring of carcinogenic chemical compound levels, electrical wiring, and welding inspections.
  • Factory and Line Work: Fast and accurate machine recognition enables itemized counting, inventory audits, and assembly kitting.
  • Pharma: Accurately identify and quantify medication, greatly reducing the manual labor of counting pills while eliminating human error.
  • Supply Chain: Detect defects and anomalies for improved accuracy, increasing the bottom line by reducing lost revenue from manual mistakes.
  • Manufacturing: Digitalize meter and gauge reading and monitoring, as well as part number identification, with the ability to turn analog information into digital data
  • Transportation: Enhance safety and security for operations, including loading and unloading tanker trucks and protecting personnel and products/equipment.
  • Retail: Ensure correct item identification and organization, increasing accuracy for retail checkout and product categorization, ultimately impacting revenue streams.

“As an organization on the forefront of AI innovation and development, Iveda’s vumastAR will enable users to make better-informed decisions swiftly, increasing productivity, safety, and efficiency across various industries,” said David Ly, CEO and founder of Iveda. “Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, vumastAR is your reliable sidekick, minimizing errors and turbocharging decision-making, creating an easier work life. Our early vumastAR users are already experiencing the power of augmented intelligence, combining human and AI capabilities to achieve new levels of operational efficiency and ultimately enhance bottom line results.”

With no specialized hardware or extensive training required, vumastAR works on all Android devices, making advanced and customizable AI technology accessible to many users. VumastAR can be deployed in a wearable/portable form or fixed in place, seamlessly integrating with existing technology and workflows. The technology effectively enhances on-the-job training and upskilling with hands-free operation and intuitive voice command.

In addition to improving everyday workflows, vumastAR addresses cybersecurity concerns as it can work offline and connect to local servers, ensuring functionality in remote locations without requiring internet access.

Powered by Iveda’s core technology, IvedaAI, vumastAR joins Iveda’s lineup of smart solutions, including IvedaEMS, IvedaCare, Iveda Smart Drone, and Utilus Smart Pole, to name a few. Through its latest product launch, Iveda is underscoring its mission to make it easier for customers to search, manage, analyze, and secure operations through AI-backed solutions–providing digital transformation so organizations and cities worldwide can focus more on what matters.

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