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Informatica Collaborates with AWS to Streamline Cloud Data Management Services

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Informatica and AWS join forces to simplify cloud data management to streamline data discovery, population, governance, and analysis and move from ingestion to insights in minutes, not months.

Cloud data management company Informatica Corp. announced the launch of a new suite of cloud data management services in collaboration with Amazon Web Services Inc. designed to democratize data for departmental users, developers, data scientists and data engineers across all skill levels.

Announced at the annual AWS re:Invent 2023 conference, the joint Informatica AWS cloud data management services are designed to allow users to find, populate, govern and analyze data in the cloud to move from ingestion to intelligence in minutes instead of weeks and months.

The ability to embed Informatica Data Loaders into the AWS Redshift Console leads the list of services and integrations. The integration offers simplified provisioning of data and allows users to load data into AWS from multiple disparate sources. Informatica Data Loader is pitched as being a high-speed, no-cost, simple tool requiring no setup for departmental users looking for frictionless, high-volume data loading that generates insights from data in minutes.

Informatica Data Marketplace is being integrated into the AWS Data Exchange to offer a unified self-service data marketplace. The integration is claimed to enrich, modernize and democratize data in Informatica Cloud Data Marketplace with discovery, packaging and delivery of third-party data from AWS Data Exchange. With the integration, enterprise data consumers can leverage internal and third-party data hosted on AWS Data Exchange, including over 3,000 data collection sets across over 250 data producers on the Informatica Cloud Data Marketplace.

Informatica ModelServe and INFACore now offer integration with Amazon SageMaker to simplify the development and management of complex data pipelines and operationalize machine learning models across the enterprise. INFACore is a development and data science framework powered by the Intelligent Data Management Cloud that simplifies the process of composing data pipelines and building and deploying AWS ML models.

INFACore offers an open, extensible and embeddable intelligent headless data management for developers, data scientists and data engineers. It improves time-to-value from weeks to hours or minutes, enabling users to access and prepare data from any source directly in Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Informatica’s ModelServe helps enterprises operationalize ML models that can be deployed in Informatica pipelines to accelerate artificial intelligence automation. Together, INFACore and ModelServe are said to simplify the development and maintenance of complex data pipelines, turning thousands of lines of code into a single function that can be deployed in applications leveraging their native user interface, now enabled via Amazon SageMaker.

“Access to the right data at the right time is fundamental to the overall success of any cloud analytics initiative,” said Rahul Pathak, vice president of relational engines at AWS. “With the new cloud data management integrations that Informatica is bringing in collaboration with AWS, customers will be able to access Informatica directly from Amazon Redshift, to achieve greater business value through data-driven decisions.”

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