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Google Enhances AI on Samsung Galaxy S24

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New features include Circle to Search, improved messaging, and better Android Auto.

Google announced several new artificial intelligence (AI) features coming to Samsung’s just-released Galaxy S24 series smartphones at the Galaxy Unpacked event today in San Jose.

The advancements showcase the companies’ continued partnership to integrate Google’s AI technology into Samsung devices.

Experience Google Gemini On Samsung

The new Galaxy S24 line, including the S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra models, will utilize Google’s Gemini AI models to enable next-generation capabilities.

Samsung apps like Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard will leverage Gemini Pro to enhance summarization and productivity features. The Galaxy S24 Gallery app will also gain Generative Edit powered by Imagen 2, Google’s text-to-image diffusion model, for helpful photo editing tools.

“With our latest advances in AI, we have the opportunity to enhance what billions of people already love about Android,” said Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s SVP of Platforms & Ecosystems.

Circle To Search

A highlight among the new features is Circle to Search, which lets users search for anything on their phone by simply circling or highlighting text, images, or videos.

The search results will include AI-generated overviews summarizing critical information, allowing users to quickly understand concepts without switching between apps.

Enhanced Messaging

Messaging is also getting an upgrade.

Google Messages on the Galaxy S24 will introduce features like Magic Compose, which suggests stylistic messages using AI, and Photomoji, which creates custom emojis from user photos using generative models.

These additions aim to make messaging more personalized and engaging.

Improved Android Auto

For drivers, Android Auto on the Galaxy S24 will automatically summarize long texts and suggest relevant actions like navigation or calling while on the road. The interface will also match the look and feel of the Samsung device for a seamless experience.

“We’re excited about all these new capabilities coming to Android and the Galaxy S24 series, and we have lots more to come,” said Lockheimer.

Integrating Google’s state-of-the-art AI into Samsung’s flagship smartphones illustrates the tech giants’ deepening relationship and their vision to advance the Android ecosystem through impactful innovation.

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