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Google Cloud, NCSOFT Team for AI-enhanced Player Experiences

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Leading video game developer leverages Google Cloud’s AI infrastructure to train LLMs for improved learning speed, performance, and cost

Google Cloud announced that NCSOFT, a global premier game developer and publisher, is using Google Cloud’s AI infrastructure to power its in-house large language model (LLM) set, VARCO LLM.

NCSOFT’s VARCO LLM is a model specialized for generating high-quality content required for game development. Using VARCO LLM, NCSOFT has developed a suite of AI power tools ranging from text creation, managing “digital” human characters, and enabling player-to-virtual-character conversation, and dynamic storyline generation based on player actions. The result is a more engaging and dynamic gaming experience for players. 

Generative AI (gen AI) tools, which are built on LLMs, provide game developers with the ability to create deeper engagement with players. More than half of the video game development process will be supported by generative AI within the next five to 10 years, according to new research by Bain & Company. In order to help meet player expectations, game developers need technology and infrastructure that can easily scale to meet this demand.

NCSOFT leveraged Google Cloud Tensor Processor Units (TPUs) to develop VARCO LLM and has been training its models for the past year. By utilizing Google Cloud TPUs, NCSOFT was able to optimize the performance and cost of large-scale AI training workloads.

“NCSOFT has been a leader in bringing AI technology to the gaming industry for over a decade. We are committed to using AI to create new and innovative experiences for our players,” said Lee Yeon-soo, head of NLP Center, NCSOFT. “VARCO LLM is the culmination of our efforts and represents NCSOFT’s vision for the future of gaming. The exceptional performance and scalability of Google Cloud’s TPUs, along with the support from its engineering team worldwide, have enabled us to develop VARCO LLM quickly and cost-effectively. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Google Cloud to further explore the potential of generative AI in games.”

NCSOFT plans to use VARCO LLM to develop a variety of AI-powered game services, including:

  • Dynamic Content: Game content that is dynamically generated to be more immersive and engaging
  • Player Engagement: Digital characters that can interact with players in natural and realistic ways
  • Customer Service: Chatbots that can provide customer support and answer questions about NCSOFT’s service

“Generative AI in games holds immense potential for the industry,” said Jack Buser, Director for Games, at Google Cloud. “Through this partnership, NCSOFT is able to bring new kinds of immersive experiences to players, underpinned by our powerful AI infrastructure that makes it easy to train and scale VARCO LLM.” 

This latest collaboration builds NCSOFT’s long-standing relationship with Google Cloud, and the company has continued to steadily expand its global services and advance technology using Google Cloud solutions such as Vertex AI and BigQuery.

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