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Glia Partners with Lumin Digital

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US-based Glia has partnered with Lumin Digital to integrate its DCS capabilities into the latter’s online banking platform and streamline the digital-first member service.

As a cloud-native digital banking platform, Lumin provides financial institutions with improved and modernized user experiences, focusing on service, safety, and security through advanced automation. Moreover, the company enhances engagement by offering personalized recommendations in spending insights, financial advice, fraud alerts, and savings goals. Lumin allows banks and credit unions to provide real-time updates and value-added features supported by a team of industry experts. 

The partnership’s objective

By pre-integrating Glia’s Interaction Platform within Lumin’s digital banking offering, it allows a simplified digital-first customer experience across all channels, including SMS, chat, voice, and video, without disrupting the digital connection. Online collaboration tools like CoBrowsing enable financial institutions to guide customers, improve satisfaction, and build loyalty for banks and credit unions.

According to Lumin’s officials, Glia’s service and support tools align with the company’s vision that technology should be built for the human connection, not to replace it. The partnership enables credit unions to leverage digital-first technology to increase meaningful human conversations and reach immediate resolution. Moreover, Lumin and Glia aim to allow financial institutions to deliver a unified approach to member service across several channels, expanding efficiency, revenue, and loyalty.

The integration within Lumin’s online banking platform aims to overcome silos and fragmented solutions by providing an enhanced experience to members, agents, and managers. Members receive real-time guidance and accelerated interactions, with the two companies currently having 15 mutual credit union clients.

Glia’s past developments

Through the Glia Interaction Platform, businesses can access a unified experience of Digital Customer Service (DCS), traditional call centres, and automation with a ChannelLess Architecture. Glia aims to offer businesses the ability to shift volume between channels. The company has partnerships with over 450 banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial institutions worldwide, valued at over USD 1 billion, according to its data.

In June 2023, Glia collaborated with Illumina to facilitate voice authentication for customer service. Through this partnership, the two companies aim to merge Illuma’s Shield software with Glia’s Interaction Platform to provide a frictionless customer experience. Additionally, real-time voice authentication reportedly allows financial institutions to deliver a secure authentication process that fosters enhanced satisfaction for clients.

Furthermore, at the beginning of May 2023, Glia announced a voice banking solution for its platform that supports dial-in phone interactions. The feature represents an extension to the company’s AI-based Glia Virtual Assistants (GVAs). It aims to provide a single virtual assistant across the call center and digital channels to automate voice and chat interactions.

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