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Facemoji Keyboard Enhances GenAI with Microsoft Advertising

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Through the collaboration, users will receive more diverse, applicable, and personalized content suggestions.

Facemoji Keyboard, the world’s first content-creation keyboard with rich in-app resources, today announced its collaboration with Microsoft Advertising, which combines both companies’ generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) capabilities to provide users with advanced, personalized content recommendations, enabling users to see Microsoft Advertising provided content seamlessly through Facemoji’s Ask AI function.

A pioneer in Gen AI, Facemoji’s beloved Gen AI features enable users to express themselves better and showcase their personalities, which can be leveraged across numerous digital spaces.

The innovative features of Facemoji are capturing users’ attention far and wide. A striking 50% of new users are drawn to Facemoji’s intelligent AI capabilities, frequently utilizing the Gen AI features to polish their messages, create personalized stickers, and transform simple text into engaging Meme images.

The collaboration between Microsoft Advertising and Facemoji centers around Facemoji’s Ask AI chatbot feature, which offers users precise responses and content recommendations by analyzing their needs in real-time. For instance, if a user inquires about a birthday gift idea for his or her sister who recently expressed interest in running, Ask AI might respond: “Oh, if she’s into running, a pair of top-notch running shoes could be a perfect gift! She’s gonna love that you thought of something so perfect for her passion!” and display a selection of shoe recommendation links with accompanying images for user reference.

Statistics show that 28% of Facemoji’s new users interact with the Chatbot feature, highlighting its appeal and utility.

“At Facemoji Keyboard, we’re proud to partner with Microsoft Advertising to continue to provide our users with next-gen features to fit their personal needs better,” said Natalia Lin, Product Lead at Facemoji Keyboard. “Facemoji and Microsoft Advertising will continue to collaborate and work closely together to explore additional innovative possibilities for the future of our users.”

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Facemoji Keyboard and support their efforts to prioritize users’ self-expression,” said Lynne Kjolso, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Retail Media at Microsoft Advertising. “With Facemoji’s robust capabilities alongside our technology, users can benefit from generative AI features to express themselves in new ways and receive valuable and personalized advertising-powered content in an innovative experience.”

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