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EDINT Unveils AI Gaze-Tracking at CES 2024

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EDINT’s Proctormatic uses smartphone AI to watch your eyes, not just the screen, for secure online exams.

South Korea’s EDINT (Eureka Park 63339) has announced its plan to unveil its online exam proctoring service, Proctormatic, with AI-powered gaze-tracking and motion-detecting technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, USA, from July 9 to 12. CES is widely acknowledged as the world’s largest and most comprehensive technology fair.

Proctormatic is a mobile-based and fully automated online exam proctoring service powered by Artificial Intelligence and developed by Samsung Electronics’ in-house venture program, C-Lab. The service uses AI algorithms to analyze video footage captured by test-taker’s smartphone camera. Then, it detects suspicious behavior or cheating and generates comprehensive reports for administrators to ensure exam integrity for educational institutions, Learning Management System (LMS) providers, HR solutions, and e-learning companies.

EDINT’s exclusive technology automatically tracks the test-taker’s gaze, direction, motions, nearby objects, and sounds with over 95% accuracy in real-time. This is highly adaptable and can be used in many sectors, showcasing the versatility of EDINT’s solutions. Various industries can utilize that technology to add value and enhance the quality of products with superior precision.

EDINT received significant investments from three Korean government sectors. This demonstrates EDINT’s technical expertise and reliability. EDINT’s technology is fortified by the deep expertise of its co-founders, who have a proven track record in AI and mobile technology. Dave Won, the founder, brings over ten years of B2B integration experience at the mobile department of Samsung Electronics to this venture, adding immense value.

To celebrate the launch of Proctormatic, EDINT is offering an attractive promotional discount on the booth at Eureka Park 63339. This initiative reflects the company’s dedication to making superior education technology accessible and affordable for all.

With Proctormatic, EDINT aims to redefine industry norms by offering flexible solutions to the complex challenges of online exam proctoring. Given the founders’ extensive expertise and the company’s successful progress so far, EDINT is well-positioned to deliver a comprehensive, intelligent solution that caters to the dynamic needs of the education sector.

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