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e-con Systems Unveils Robotics Platform at CES; Partners with Ambarella for AMR

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Robotics revolution powers up! e-con & Ambarella join forces. Cutting-edge vision platform fuels faster prototyping & performance for next-gen robots.

e-con Systems, a leading global provider of embedded vision solutions, and Ambarella, Inc., an edge AI semiconductor company, announced their partnership and the launch of the e-con Robotics Computing Platform (eRCP). Based on Ambarella’s flagship CV72S edge AI system on chip (SoC), this new platform is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the robotics industry.

In the fast-evolving robotics market, both speed of prototyping and performance are paramount. This new eRCP takes advantage of Ambarella’s developer-friendly Cooper™ Developer Platform while offering cutting-edge vision and AI performance per watt, thus enabling OEMs and ODMs to accelerate their time to market.

“Through the fusion of e-con Systems’ cutting-edge camera portfolio—boasting innovations like GMSL, FPD Link III, 4K resolution, high frame rates, HDR, global shutters, Time of Flight (ToF), LFM, IP67, IP69K ratings, and more—with Ambarella’s expertise in processing platforms and cutting-edge algorithms, e-con is addressing customer challenges in robotics applications while pioneering the future of comprehensive vision solutions,” said Ashok Babu, CEO at e-con Systems.

“We are pleased to be partnering with e-con systems, a leader in vision-based systems and robotics,” said Jerome Gigot, Sr. Director of Marketing at Ambarella. “Additionally, we’re excited to demonstrate their CV72-based Rover robot at our exhibition during CES this week.”

At the heart of the eRCP, e-con’s Ambarella CV72-based SoM includes the processor sub-system, power management integrated circuits (PMICs), double data rate (DDR) memory, storage, and relevant interface connectors for the carrier board. The eRCP is a fully functional autonomous moving robot equipped with sophisticated interfaces, including sensors, multiple RGB cameras, 2D Lidar, IMU, Ultrasonic, ToF depth camera and motor control interfaces. This platform provides the versatile building blocks and sturdy foundations needed for innovation in the robotics market, enabling customers to effortlessly develop tailor-made robotics applications. e-con Systems also offers support and design services to help OEMs get to market quickly based on this new platform.

With the robust Robot Operating System 2 (ROS2) stack and Ambarella’s Cooper Developer Platform, the eRCP delivers a customizable platform featuring a modern modular architecture and an extensive array of peripherals.

e-con Systems is introducing this eRCP platform during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, with a live Robotic Rover demo at Ambarella’s invitation-only exhibition.

In addition to these developments, e-con Systems plans to provide a complete AI vision kit based on Ambarella’s SoCs for various other applications, including access control, commercial sectors, security, video conferencing and healthcare. This expansion will broaden the horizons for customers seeking cutting-edge AI vision processing solutions.

Leveraging Ambarella’s extensive experience and resources in AI perception systems, e-con is well-positioned to support the rapid growth of AI IoT applications. This partnership provides customers with state-of-the-art technology across diverse markets, including AMR, warehouse robots, pick-and-place robots and industrial automation.

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