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Doceree Insights: Transforming Healthcare Marketing with AI

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The innovative solution empowers healthcare marketers with single-step campaign analytics for smarter data-driven decisions.

Doceree, the leading global platform building unprecedented solutions for healthcare professional (HCP) messaging, proudly unveils its groundbreaking new tool – Insights. Inspired by tools like ChatGPT, this innovative tool transforms how healthcare marketers access and interpret data. As the latest addition to the suite of AI-powered tools on the platform, Insights empowers healthcare marketers with a game-changing approach to analytics, making it easier than ever to unravel crucial business insights from your marketing campaigns.

Marketers often know the business questions they need answered but don’t always know what data and analytics will help them find those answers. At the heart of Insights is the ability for marketers to pose those questions directly to the platform, and in return, Insights provides data-driven answers in the form of interactive, exportable data visualizations.

Marketers face the challenge of understanding their campaign performance and making data-driven decisions in an industry marked by evolving trends and ever-increasing demands. To address this need, Doceree has developed Insights, a ChatGPT-style tool that simplifies the analytics process with on-demand access to vital information quickly and effortlessly. With Insights, marketers can explore all their campaign data – including physician and provider level data (PLD). By leveraging Doceree’s proprietary HCP identity-resolution technology EspyianTM, Insights can answer detailed questions about campaign performance at the individual level. Data and analytics that were previously fragmented and complex, are now easily accessible on-demand with this innovative tool.

Using artificial intelligence, Insights harnesses the power of natural language processing (NLP) to interpret and understand the marketer’s question and get them the answer they want. Insights eliminates the need to sift through static charts and predefined dashboards that often hinder quick and efficient data exploration. This interactive, AI-powered tool also allows users to export and incorporate the right data and visualizations into their own branded presentations, making it even easier for marketers to tell their story with data. 

“Doceree’s Insights is set to revolutionize healthcare marketing analytics, providing marketers with the tools they need to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. With this groundbreaking feature, Doceree aims to empower its users, making data-driven decisions as easy as asking a question,” said Harshit Jain, Founder & Global CEO at Doceree.

In the competitive landscape of healthcare marketing analytics, Insights stands out as a powerful tool that simplifies the process of understanding campaign performance. By allowing customers to pose questions directly to the platform, they can quickly identify and access the precise data they need, without the need for advanced analytics skills.

Key Benefits of Insights by Doceree:

  1. Intuitive & AI-Powered | Find actionable insights and answers to questions quickly, easily, and without the need for advanced analytical skills.
  2. Exportable | Tell your story your way. Easily incorporate the right data and visualizations into your branded presentations and other materials with Insights’ export function.
  3. On-Demand | Eliminate the frustration and inflexibility of static charts and predefined dashboards; simply ask your question and Insights returns the precise data you need in the form of interactive visualizations.

Doceree is committed to finding the bottlenecks in pharma messaging and bridging them with its AI-powered, category-focused platform and end-to-end solutions that allow healthcare marketers to activate top-performing campaigns, while also effectively tracking their KPIs.

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