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DatChat Launches Habytat AI Social Gaming Platform

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Raise your AI pup in HabyPets! DatChat’s new social gaming platform lets you train, explore & compete with your virtual best friend.

DatChat, a secure messaging, social media, and metaverse company, announced today the release of its new AI social gaming platform and developer program for game designers and content creators. Additionally, DatChat launched the full HabyPets AI-powered interactive game, allowing users to adopt, train and showcase their pets in competitions.

HabyPets, an AI-powered social pet game on the Habytat platform, provides an interactive experience within the Habytat world, creating a more immersive and personal experience for users. HabyPets features include pet care, outdoor exploration, dog parks, training, and competitions. HabyPets opens the door to a growing bond with an AI-powered pet that evolves and learns from player interactions and personalization. Please visit Habypets.com for more information.

The new developer program opens up the Habytat interactive platform to both game developers and content creators, enabling them to share in the revenue generated by their games and products. This includes those who wish to feature their games and products on the Habytat platform. More info about the developer program can be found at https://www.habypets.com/.

“We are extremely excited to announce HabyPets as an extension to the Habytat ecosystem,” says DatChat CEO, Darin Myman. “The core technology at the heart of Habytat provides an immersive and personal experience for users to engage with their HabyPets and form a unique bond with an AI-powered dog, evolving alongside users within the universe. This launch marks an exciting chapter in digital interaction, offering an unprecedented blend of technology and companionship that is set to captivate users worldwide. We look forward to adding more features and different types of pets in the future, building a diverse and growing community.”

HabyPets is available within the Habytat universe at habytat.io and a free AI puppy is available for each member for a limited time.

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